Why Study Off Campus?

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Real Exposure. Lebanon Valley College may be located in a safe, picturesque community, but that doesn't mean we'll shield you from the real world. On the contrary, we want our students to experience different cultures and cities around the world. By participating in one of our off-campus programs, you'll begin to understand first-hand the meaning of global interdependence. By the time you return to Annville, you will have seen the world - and yourself - in a new perspective.

Real Choices. LVC's off-campus programs allow you to live and study on campuses throughout the world. Explore the world down under in Australia or New Zealand. Improve your German in Berlin or Wurzburg; Spanish in Buenos Aires, Argentina or Valladolid, Spain; or French in Montpellier. Fulfill major, minor and general education requirements in London. Focus on your music major class requirements in Cambridge, England and Belfast, Northern Ireland. Live and learn in the historically rich lands of Greece and Italy. Learn Mandarin and do an internship in Beijing, China. Study all aspects of the European Union for four weeks in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Visit primary and secondary schools and observe classroom instruction in our own London and Ormskirk, England summer programs. Enhance your marketability and growth potential at the Philadelphia Center or Washington Center program. Plans are now underway to provide Lebanon Valley College students with new and exciting off-campus programs in other parts of the world as well.

Real Understanding. You expect to learn about other cultures and ways of life when you study off-campus, but the experience of living in another city or country also helps you see your own culture and identity from a fresh perspective. Everything you do - from debating global economics to calculating expenses in a foreign currency - teaches you to appreciate both the differences and the similarities between cultures. In the process, you come to understand how the real world is both larger and closer than you ever imagined.

Real Affordable. Spending a semester off-campus may be much less expensive than you think. As a U.S. student in one of our off-campus programs, you remain enrolled at the College and therefore keep financial aid and scholarships. This means that the cost of tuition, room, and board is comparable to study in Annville. Our director of study abroad and your own academic advisor will help you make all the necessary preparations. Before you know it, the destination that you've read so much about becomes your new home away from home.