Study Abroad Opportunities at LVC

You can read every travel book in the library and not know what it feels like to go tubing through the Glowworm Caves in Waitomo, New Zealand.

"A big part of learning about the world is venturing out and experiencing it firsthand."

LVC students take advantage of overseas study programs in 12 countries around the world. The College is in the process of developing a handful of new short-term programs that would make it even easier for busy students to study off-campus.

By the time they graduate, nearly 20 percent of our students will have spent time studying and traveling abroad, experiences that will shape and inform the rest of their lives.

The bottom line at LVC: if you want to study overseas, you can, regardless of your major or other interests.

The Netherlands

Four-week summer program focusing on the European Union; open to all majors and led by LVC faculty.



Students enroll in two courses which focus on the economics and socio-cultural aspects of Europe, and will be accompanied by a faculty member from LVC's Business and Economics Department. Students earn 6 credits by participating in BUS 290 and another course that fulfills the Social Science requirement.


Caitlin Murphy, Summer 2011

Northern Ireland

Spring semester program for music recording technology students near the center of a large, multicultural city.



Belfast is a port city on the Irish Sea. It has recently been described as Europe's friendliest regional capital city. Located on the island of Ireland, yet part of the United Kingdom, it is home to a truly unique blend of Irish and British culture.


MRT majors can fulfill the following requirements:

-MRT 373 Electronic Music
-MRT 374 Digital Audio

London, England


Students can study abroad in Cambridge or London.



This fall semester program at Kingston University offers a variety of course options. Students live in on-campus residence halls, allowing the opportunity to meet and interact with international and domestic students enrolled at Kingston, which is about 25 minutes south of London city-center.

Berlin, Germany

Fall and spring semester program in Germany's dynamic, culture-rich capital; students are housed in private homes where only German is spoken; includes field trips and a one-week European excursion.



Berlin is Germany's capital and is known as a dynamic, multicultural center. The city is home to 3.4 million people and is located in Northeastern Germany. Berlin features countless mueseums, opera houses, and theaters along with a rich past, spanning many centuries of German history. Students will receive a monthly transportation pass for travel around the city of Berlin.


Four-week program in July led by LVC faculty; open to students who have completed at least two years of German.


Wurzburg is a small university town in Bavaria. It is a railroad junction, an industrial center, and the commercial hub of an agricultural region noted for its vineyards. Students will enjoy the outstanding examples of baroque architechture, paintings and sculpture abundant throughout the medieval city center.


Classes will be held in the mornings at the Katholische Hochschulgemeinde, Wurzburg. Students will earn four credits in an advanced German course that will strengthen conversational and compositional skills through analysis of significant historical and current issues in German society.

Buenos Aires,

For students at any level of Spanish; participants can explore the spectacular Andes Mountain, famous Iguaza Falls, and beautiful Patagonia.


The capital city of Buenos Aires is home to nearly 40 percent of the Argentine population making the "Paris of the Americas" a city of more than 13 million. Students can trek to the Andes mountains in the west, explore the beaches to the east, the famous Iguazu Falls in the north and the mythical Patagonia in the south.


Students enroll in two intensive Spanish courses and two or three courses taught in English for a maximum of 15 credits.

Vallodolid, Spain

Fall or spring semester Spanish immersion program in a city know for the purity of its Castillian Spanish; students travel to other sites in Spain.



Valladolid, the largest regional capital in Europe, is located about 100 miles northwest of Madrid. It is famous for the purity of its spoken "Castellano," or Castilian Spanish. The program is located at the Universitas Castellae, a private institution dedicated to teaching the Spanish language to university students from other countries.


Students enroll in five courses chosen from Spanish literature, history, culture, art, phonetics, conversation, and business. All work is done in Spanish.

Montpellier, France

Fall semester program located in the center of a bustling university city with 50,000 students.



Montpellier, as the regional capital of Languedoc-Roussillon, plays a predominant role in the development of southern Europe. It is a highly-desirable location for companies that recognize the shift of European economics to the south. It offers easy access to the large metropolitan areas of the world.


Students enroll in fifteen credits of coursework in French grammar, conversation, phonetics and culture. All work is done in French.

Perugia, Italy

Fall or Spring Semester

The semester programs in central Italy focuses on Italian language and culture; students explore Rome and sites in Perugia.

The rolling hills of Umbria and Tuscany are at student's fingertips. Within a 100-mile radius you will find Rome, Florence, Siena, Assisi, Cortona, and the many hilltop towns of Umbria and Tuscany. At Umbra, students study throughout Italy sampling the many treasures of the great cities. More Information.

Summer Program

Three-week summer program focusing on the philosophy of food; open to all majors and led by LVC faculty. More Information.


Athens, Greece

Fall or spring semester program for all students, with a focus on history, archaeology, art history, classical studies, and Greek language; students visit museums and other local points of interest and take excursions to Delphi, Crete, and the Peloponnese.



This program is especially designed for students interested in learning about the origin of European culture, which strongly influences our American society today. The Athens Program offers an opportunity to explore those origins with the support and guidance of a strong academic focus.


Program for any major at Monash University, 30 minutes outside of Australia's second-largest city, and only one hour from Sydney and Tasmania.



As Australia's second largest city, boasting a population of almost 4 million, Melbourne offers an amazing lifestyle for college students. There is a thriving live music and cultural scene, and close proximity to bayside beaches and adventurous outdoor activities. Sydney and Tasmania are only one hour away by plane.


On meeting the stated prerequisites, LVC students will individually select four courses from the university's "2nd semester" offerings.

New Zealand

Spring semester program in New Zealand's fourth-largest city; in addition to course work, students travel to local sites and enjoy nearby surfing and swimming beaches, thermal hot pools, and limestone caves.



The University of Waikato is located in the city of Hamilton, New Zealand's fourth largest city in the north-central region of the North Island, only 90 minutes south of Auckland. The Waikato area offers a wide range of recreational activities with many of New Zealand's major lifestyle just a short drive from the University.

Shanghai, China

Fall semester program in a city central to China's economic success. In addition to coursework, students have the opportunity to participate in part-time internships with American-owned companies, transnational companies and Chinese companies who appreciate English speakers.



Students from any major will study Mandarin and other courses, taught in English, that explore the history, culture, business and politics of this global power. Students from around the world come to East China Normal University to study and interact with many different student groups during their time abroad.

Philadelphia, PA

This fall or spring semester program offers students in any major the chance to complete an internship in a city while earning academic credits. The Philadelphia Center provides opportunities for professional exploration, intellectual development, and personal growth in the heart of America's fifth largest city.


While the students spend four days a week on the job, the program is an academic internship. They believe that education results from experience examined. The additional seminar and elective courses allow students to reflect on what they are learning as they work and live in Philadelphia. The format in the class sessions is open dialogue and debate

City Seminars

The seminars currently available are: Organizational Cultures; Urban Political and Social Systems, Issues, and Practices; Power and Authority; and Education and Differences.

Washington, DC

This fall or spring semester program offers students in any major the chance to complete an internship in the heart of our nation's capital while earning academic credits.


Students spend four days a week at an internship site, one day a week in a city forum, and one evening a week in an elective course. The internship and the Washington forum are worth 12 credits combined. The elective course is worth three credits, for a total of 15 credits earned during the semester.

The Washington Center

The Washington Center provides opportunities for professional exploration, intellectual development, and personal growth. Their accredited program features a field placement, forum, and an elective class.

Santo Domingo,
Dominican Republic

A fall or spring semester program offering students the chance to live and learn in the "First City of the New World."

Dominican Republic

Immersing themselves academically or in service learning, students will be able to experience Dominican life on or off campus through course work, cultural activities, excursions, or participatory service.