You've Been Accepted!

Congratulations! You have been notified of your acceptance into a LVC study off-campus program. It is your responsibility to complete a number of documents in order to participate in your program. Please read on...

Step 1: If you do not have a passport, apply TODAY!

  • Passport applications and instructions can be downloaded at or picked up in the Study Abroad Office. You will need to submit your passport to a local passport issuing office, NOT to the Study Abroad Office.
Step 2: Safety and Responsibility Guidelines & Statement of Agreement
  • These documents should be read thoroughly, signed and returned to the Study Abroad Office, Humanities 201, within 10 days of receipt of the acceptance letter.

 Step 3: Study Abroad Forms Checklist

  • This form will guide you through the form completion process.

Step 4: Enrollment in a Study Off-Campus Program

  • This form cross references the courses you select for study abroad with the equivalent classes at LVC.

 Step 5: In-Absentia Status

  • This form reminds the registrar that you will be studying in an LVC Study-Abroad or Internship Program for one semester. By submitting this form, you will remain enrolled as an LVC student for this semester. Please make sure that you have your advisor's signature and your signature on this form before it is submitted. You do not need to obtain the registrar's signature.

 Step 6: Power of Attorney

  • Please be sure to read and sign "Commonly Asked Questions" regarding the Power of Attorney form before you complete it.
  • LVC will arrange for an on-campus notary public to authorize your Power of Attorney form at set times in November and April. You are also free to find another certified notary public to notarize your form.

 Step 7: Assumption of Risk

Assumption of Risk - general programs
Assumption of Risk - Athens, Greece program

  • By signing this form, you will have accepted potential risks of international travel and living in another country and other risks associated with the program.

 Step 8: Statement of Student Insurance Coverage for Study Abroad

  • You will be required to have medical insurance coverage during your semester abroad. Follow the recommendations on this form to ask your current medical insurance provider if they provide specific coverage overseas.

 Step 9: Registration for the Semester of Your Return

  • By signing this form, you will have confirmed that you understand the registration process for the semester of your return from an off-campus site. Be sure to discuss your preferred course schedule for your return semester with your advisor prior to your departure.

Step 10: Health Information

  • By completing this form, you will have provided the Study Abroad Office and the host program, if applicable, information pertaining to your medical conditions or concerns.

Step 11: LVC Program Emergency Medical Sheet

  • This form will provide your essential medical information should you be involved in a medical emergency. This information will remain confidential and will be shared with program staff, faculty, or appropriate professionals only if pertinent to your own well being, or that of others.

Deadlines for submission of above forms:

April 15 for fall programs
November 15 for spring programs

Student Visas are required for entry and stay as a student in many host countries.  The Study Abroad Office will provide you with information regarding required travel documentation for your destination.  It is extremely important that you follow the application procedures, adhering to deadlines, for any student visa documentation.  The Study Abroad Office will assist you with the process, but has no authority in the determination of student visa approvals.