Departmental Clubs

Accounting Club
The Accounting Club is a student organization for all accounting majors. The goal of the club is to help accounting students explore career options in the accounting field. The club sponsors Accounting Night where employers come to search for internship and full time candidates. In addition, they bring in three or four speakers each semester from public firms, private companies, alumni, and CPA prep courses.

Audio Engineering Society (AES)
AES is a student-run organization that promotes activities that develop awareness and understanding in the field of audio engineering. Membership is open to all students interested in learning and gaining experience in the music industry and with the technical equipment it involves. Members also work with faculty to generate input for the MRT program. AES hosts the annual LVC Unplugged and Live for Life concerts.

Biology Club
The Biology Club increases awareness of and interest in the biological sciences among non-science and science majors. Activities include faculty lectures, guest speakers, field trips, and social gatherings. The club is student oriented, organized, and operated. The annual fall picnic, co-sponsored with the Department of Biology, introduces freshmen to the faculty and upper-class students. Meetings are held once or twice a month and are open to all students, faculty, and administrators. Freshmen are encouraged to join.

Chemistry Club
An affiliate of the American Chemical Society, the Chemistry Club is open to all interested students. The mission of the club is the professional, academic, and social development of its members through participation in chemical symposia, student mentoring programs, and departmental-wide seminar series.

Council for Exceptional Children
The purpose of this chapter is to advance the education of individuals with exceptionalities and to promote related educational, scientific, and charitable purposes.

Digital Valley Club
Digital Valley (DigiVal) is a new digital communications club that reaches out to majors and anyone interested in communication, digital/social media, and social networking. The purpose of the club is educational and social. DigiVal allows its members to socialize, receive critiques on work, learn about new technologies and media, and showcase work to campus.

French Club
Any student interested in the French language and culture may join the French Club. Students need not speak French. The club sponsors parties, films, plays, and field trips, and participates in the annual International Culture Day held on campus.

German Club (Teutonia Vallis)
Any student interested in the German language and culture may join the German Club. Students do not need to know or speak German to become a member. The German Club sponsors German films and parties, and attends Central Pennsylvania’s American Association of Teachers of German meetings. Teutonia Vallis also plans excursions to German events in the area, as well as trips to New York City every fall and spring, where they eat at The Lorelei, a Ko¨lsch Restaurant, and explore various German events in the city such as art galleries, museums, visits to the Neue Gallerie, and the Goethe-Institute. The German Club participates in the annual International Culture Day held on campus.

Greenblotter Literary Society
The Greenblotter Literary Society is open to students dedicated to cultivating campus awareness and appreciation of the literary arts. The society sponsors on-campus presentations, readings, and workshops by professional writers, and publishes an annual literary magazine. Regular meetings help members develop clear, effective writing skills.

History/Political Science/Economics Club (HyPE)
The History/Politics/Economics Club is open to majors and non-majors. The group sponsors debates, panel discussions, political simulations, and field trips. The club also sponsors programs to educate high school and elementary school students in the social science fields. HyPE runs voter registration drives and book drives.

Math Club
Open to all students, the Math Club is an academic and social group dedicated to furthering interaction among students taking mathematical courses. Academic and career assistance is provided through tutoring, lectures by guest speakers, and field trips to businesses. Social activities include parties and picnics.

Music Industry Student Association (MISA)
MISA is a student-run organization that promotes knowledge of the music industry. Membership is open to all students interested in the music and entertainment business. MISA is central to creating and hosting the annual music industry conference, and instrumental in the design and function of Vale Records.

Phi Beta Lambda (PBL)
Phi Beta Lambda is a national fraternity providing opportunities for students to develop vocational competencies. The LVC chapter is very successful and is open to all students. PBL steadily increases membership; develops programs on business etiquette, skills, and interviewing; brings in guest speakers for meetings; engages in tours of local businesses; helps with Junior Achievement; and develops and promotes business sponsors. PBL has hosted a regional conference and attended regional, state, and national competitions. Members consistently place in state competitions. The fraternity is an excellent venue for the student to develop leadership and technical skills.

Physical Therapy Club
The purpose of this organization is to create a medium for students to communicate between physical therapy faculty and each physical therapy class, to promote health awareness among students and faculty of Lebanon Valley College, and raise funds to promote the attendance of physical therapy students at Physical Therapy Conclaves.

Pre-Health Professions Society
The Pre-Health Professions Society (PHPS) is a student-run organization whose goal is to promote awareness of careers in the health professions and to help build a community of like- minded students at LVC. The PHPS hosts speakers in the various health professions. Some of the guest speakers include LVC alumni, representatives from professional schools, and local health professionals. The Pre-Health Professions Society holds meetings twice each month and encourages all interested students to join!

Psychology Club
The Psychology Club is generally made up of students majoring or minoring in psychology and psychobiology, but is open to anyone on campus interested in the field of psychology. The club gives these students the opportunity to socialize, discuss psychological issues, attend the Eastern Psychological Association Conference, participate in community service, and share ideas on various campus-related topics.

Society of Physics Students
Open to all students who are interested in physics, the Society of Physics Students Club assists students of physics in developing the knowledge, competence, ideals, enthusiasm, and sense of responsibility appropriate to the profession of physics. Club meetings, field trips, and seminars are all oriented to achieve these goals.

Sociology and Criminal Justice Club
The Sociology and Criminal Justice Club consists of students majoring and minoring in sociol- ogy, majoring in criminal justice, and students interested in a look at the “real world.” The club is focused on service learning in the community, academic initiatives, personal growth, departmental unification, and enrichment activities.

Student Pennsylvania State Education Association (S.P.S.E.A.)
The LVC chapter of S.P.S.E.A. is open to all elementary, secondary, and music education students. Consisting of future teachers who all share a sincere love for children, the organization sponsors conventions, community and school projects, education programs, and monthly meetings.