Student Activities

The Student Activities Office
The Student Activities Office, located in the Center for Student Engagement in the Mund College Center, assists students and organizations in planning educational, cultural, recreational, wellness, social, and student government programs. Its goal is to enhance the students’ overall learning experiences through out of classroom activities and to develop a community atmosphere among students, faculty, and staff. The office encourages students to participate in one or more of the many programs and organizations that are available on campus. All student-sponsored activities need to be scheduled with the Student Activities Office.

Leadership Development
LVC provides leadership opportunities to enhance student learning and assist students with developing their potential to create meaningful, positive change in themselves, their organizations, and their communities. The Office of Leadership Development works collaboratively across campus to provide high-impact experiences including the Leadership Institute, Sigma Alpha Pi: The National Honor Society for Leadership and Success, the Peer Mentor Program, Greek Life, and more. Students emerge from these programs prepared to confidently take on greater challenges, facilitate change and innovation, and ultimately impact the world around them. Key learning outcomes of leadership development programs include the following:
  • Critical Thinking - Students will evaluate and synthesize information from multiple sources and perspectives to make informed decisions and solve problems.
  • Communication - Students will present and evaluate information, as well as present ideas clearly and effectively, with diverse audiences in a variety of situations.
  • Self-Awareness - Students will develop an awareness of and appreciation for personal strengths, values, and leadership styles, and will cultivate the ability to use this knowledge for future learning and growth.
  • Social Responsibility - Students will enhance their lives by engaging in actions that reflect an understanding of the values of service, citizenship, and social responsibility, and demonstrate an understanding of their roles and impacts in local and global communities.
  • Inclusiveness - Students will acquire knowledge and appreciation of the diversity of human cultural, historical, and social experiences, and be able to reflect on how individual life experiences relates to the complex nature of the human condition.
For more information about these programs, visit

Community Service
In keeping with the College’s mission to develop students who value differences among human beings, LVC encourages its students to get involved in volunteerism and community service. The staff in the Office of Spiritual Life works with students to coordinate service opportunities that benefit the health and well-being of the local and global community.

Individual students, student organizations, academic departments, and athletic teams submit their service hours online. Individual hours may be applied toward Bronze, Silver, or Gold Service Awards, which are noted on LVC’s internet-based JobCenter Profile. Group hours are recorded and displayed on bulletin boards in Mund College Center and Miller Chapel, providing a comprehensive picture of how the College is affecting the community. Listings of current service opportunities are also provided on these boards.

Examples of past projects include:
  • Work days with the local affiliate of Habitat for Hummanity
  • Participation in the Relay for Life of the American Cancer Society
  • International Service trips to Peru and the Caribbean
  • Service trips to New Orleans and Mississippi
  • Meal service at a local rescue mission
Students interested in serving children, the elderly, the environment, health care, or other fields will find opportunities to give back to the community while further enhancing their educational pursuits at the College. Visit for more information.

Peer Mentors
A Peer Mentor is an upper-class student who leads a group of approximately 10 first-year or transfer students throughout their first semester at LVC. Peer Mentors assist new students with making a successful transition to LVC through structured experiences, a mentor relationship, and being available for academic, personal, and social support.

The program begins during the Fall New Student Orientation and ends at the conclusion of the fall semester. The overall goal of the program is to make sure that each new student connects with other peers and ultimately with the College as a whole.

Student Government
Student Government includes 36 students; 27 full-time students (this includes the four class officers, four class representatives, and a commuter representative from each returning class) are elected from the student body each spring for a one-year term beginning in September. In addition, nine freshmen students are elected in September. Student Government officers are elected each spring from among the 27 upper-class students. Students on disciplinary or academic probation are ineligible for election.

One of Student Government’s major responsibilities is to foster understanding, communication, and cooperation among the students, faculty, and administration. It serves as the channel for all students’ recommendations for establishing or changing policy and routes these recommendations to the appropriate administrative offices or faculty committees. Student Government also approves the constitutions of all campus organizations, regulates the elections of student government members and class officers, appoints student government members and other students to needed campus committees, and appropriates student activity funds.

Each spring, the Budget Finance Committee collects budget requests to determine the allocation of funds from the student activities fee to approved clubs and organizations. The committee makes its allocation recommendations to Student Government for approval. All clubs and organizations receiving funds must submit a financial statement to Student Government each semester.

With the director of student activities and the Mund College Center, Student Government coordinates and provides financing for student activities. They also plan the welcome back social, homecoming events, winter formal, and the campus-wide surprise “Dutchmen Day.” The LVC Student Programming Board plans and implements a variety of events (comedians, coffeehouses, performers, bands, lectures, Saturday trips, etc.) to entertain and educate the student body.

The Underground Dance Club
The Underground Dance Club is a student-run, non-alcoholic gathering place for current LVC students and their registered guests. The Underground is open on select Saturday evening from Midnight–2 a.m. for students and their guests to meet, dance, and socialize in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. Admittance is free for LVC students and $3 for their guest(s). All patrons of the Underground must present some form of ID prior to entering the Club. LVC students must bring their College ID and guests must have ID showing that they are 18 years of age or older.

LVC students must sign-in their guest(s) at the College Center desk prior to entering the dance. Each LVC student may sign-in up to two guests per evening. LVC students will be held responsible for their guests’ behavior.

Recognition of Student Organizations
In order to become a recognized organization eligible to receive funds from Student Government and to hold meetings in campus facilities, new groups must apply for probationary club status through Student Government. Once approved for probationary status, clubs must do the following within a 15-week period: (1) conduct an open all-campus meeting inviting participation, (2) hold regular organizational meetings, (3) draft and approve a constitution, (4) affix the signatures of full time students interested in the club, (5) elect an executive board, (6) select a faculty or full-time staff member as an advisor to the organization, and (7) submit all of this information to Student Government, the vice president of student affairs and dean of students or designee, and to the director of student activities and the Mund College Center for approval.

Constitutions from clubs must state the purpose for the organization, the reasons such a group would be beneficial to the campus community, and how the group will contribute to the educational mission of Lebanon Valley College. No group may discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or age; and a non-discrimination clause must appear in the Constitution. Members of sports clubs such as the volleyball club, etc. may be asked to sign a waiver of liability form before participating in club activities and must meet the sports club guidelines developed by the director of athletics.

For further specific information regarding the formation and recognition of campus organizations, see the director of student activities and the Mund College Center.

Scheduling of Activities and Facilities
All student events need to be scheduled with the Student Activities Office. All facilities need to be reserved through the Office of Conference Services at 717-867-6310 or All facility requests must be submitted five working days prior to the event. Audiovisual equipment should be requested through the Office of Audiovisual Technology at 717-867-6200 or Hanging of posters must follow the College’s posting policy.

For safety reasons, students and student organizations are not allowed to use charcoal or gas grills on campus unless the event has been approved by staff from the Student Affairs or Conference Services offices.

Organizational Maintenance Responsibilities
Groups utilizing College facilities for programs and meetings are responsible for the following maintenance tasks: trash removed, floors cleaned, furniture returned to original set up, windows closed, and lights out.

Campus-Wide Events
All groups must adhere to the following procedures when planning a campus-wide event with an anticipated audience of 75 or more individuals:
  1. Obtain approval from and secure the date with the Student Activities Office. Update the Student Activities Office of all planning and implementation procedures leading up to the event.
  2. Schedule the facilities with the Office of Conference Services at 717-867-6310 or If the event is to be held in the Arnold Sports Center, you must contact the director of the Arnold Sports Center at 717-867-6261 or for approval.
  3. All media equipment must be ordered from the Office of Audiovisual Technology at 717-867-6310 or Equipment is limited and, often, may need to be obtained off campus. The sponsoring group will be held responsible for arranging payment of any rental fees.
  4. Depending on the anticipated attendance number and the nature and location of the event advisors of the sponsoring organization may be required to attend. Underground staff may also be needed ot provide additional supervision. The sponsoring organization may be required to cover the expenses of hiring the Underground staff and/or public safety officers for its event.
  5. The sponsoring group is responsible for all advertising of its event. If the group wants to advertise off campus, the the LVC Office of Marketing and Communications must be involved with this problem. Please contact them at ext. 6030.
Group Fundraisers and Benefits
In order to avoid conflict among student groups, all fundraisers by LVC student organizations must be approved by the Student Activities Office. Approval is indicated by an email message sent to the contact person on the fundraiser form. Such clearance entitles an organization priority over groups who might otherwise attempt the same project. Forms for fundraising, available at the College Center desk and online, must be completed and returned at least one week in advance.

When an organization wants to plan a benefit event or provide a fundraiser in which money goes to a specific cause, the Student Activities Office and the Office of Advancement must be involved in the planning and implementation stages of each event. The group advisor will be asked to supervise the event.

Additional Guidelines for Fundraisers
  1. Any off-campus solicitation of businesses, corporations, professional partnerships, or merchants for either financial support or gifts-in-kind must be approved by the Office of Advancement at ext. 6220.
  2. Money raised must be deposited in a College-sanctioned account. The College will send a check to the appropriate person(s) or charity.
  3. Money raised for all benefit events must be disbursed from the College sanctioned account directly to a 501(c) non-profit organization. The College will not issue a benefit check to an individual's family.
  4. Credit card vendors are not permitted to actively solicit on campus. No fundraising activity may involve the solicitation/completion of credit card applications.
  5. If items directly compete with the College Store or dining services, clearance must be obtained from the supervision of these operations.
  6. Fundraisers at athletic events must be approved by the Student Activities Office and the director of athletics.
  7. Raffles must meet specific requirements and meet the guidelines stated by the Student Activities Office. Please pick up and complete an appropriate form from the Student Activities Office at least one week prior to your event.
Lebanon Valley College does not accept financial responsibility for contracts negotiated by students individually or as representatives of student organizations.
Any student organization contemplating a contractual agreement is urged to discuss their plans with the director of student activities and the Mund College Center prior to finalizing and signing a contract.