1. The field will look similar to a baseball diamond, with the bases and pitchers mound an appropriate distance apart according to the location.
  2. Shoes must be worn at all time – no metal cleats are allowed!
  3. Softball/Baseball gloves may not be used.
  1. Teams will consist of six players – if co-ed, at least 2 players on each team must be member of the opposite sex.
  2. A team may bat up to 10 players but must maintain the same batting order (alternate sexes if co-ed).
  3. Players may interchange position on and off the field, but the batting order remains the same.
  4. A non-player may substitute into the game. They are then in place of that person in the batting order.
  5. The fielding team includes a catcher and five players on the field. The team at bat provides their own pitcher.
  1. A game consists of 7 innings, or 45 minutes, whichever comes first. After 45 minutes, a new inning is not started.
  2. Use a coin toss to determine home team and visitors.
  3. A “10 run rule” is in effect after four complete innings and a “15 run rule” is in effect after three complete innings.
  4. Teams will call the game – honor system. The team at bat will keep score, transfer the book as the other team comes up.
  5. Team captains are responsible for recording the score at the end of the game. If a game is not reported within a week of being played, neither team will be given credit for a win or a loss.
  1. A pitcher pitches to their own team. They may not interfere with the further play on fielding a ball. The pitcher should make sure the defense is set before pitching the ball.
  2. The pitch may be overhand or underhand.
  3. The batter must hit the ball by the third pitch. If the ball is not hit fairly by the third pitch, it is an out.
  4. There are not walks.
  5. Each team gets 3 outs per inning.
  6. Bunting is not allowed.
  7. Base runners may not lead off or steal bases. A base runner may leave the base when the batter contacts the ball.
  8. Please, no sliding.
  9. The base runner is out if struck by a fairly batted ball that has not passed an infield player, excluding the pitcher area.
  10. Outs are made by tags or by the fielder touching the base while in possession of the ball on a force play.
  11. Do not throw the whiffleball at the runner. If this occurs, the runner advances one base.
  12. If a players turn at bat occurs while he/she is a base runner, another player must take his/her place on the base (in co-ed, it must be a player of the same sex).
  13. Base runners are responsible for avoiding all collisions with infielder involved in the play. If the base runner contacts the fielder, they are out and may then be ejected from the game by the call of the supervisor.
  14. Also, a fielder not involved in making a play is liable to be ejected from the game in they interfere with a runner or cause a collision.
** All questions should be directed to your intramural coordinators whose information (phone numbers and email addresses) will be provided when your rosters are turned in. Further questions can also be directed to Rick Beard at x6363. **