Water Polo

General Information:
  1. Each team has six field players and a goalie.
  2. Field players can only use on hand to touch the ball, goalies may use two.
  3. The game consists of four, seven-minute quarters.
  4. The object of the game is to score. Players may move the ball by swimming or passing.
  5. Each goal that is scored from a distance of seven meters of more is worth two points; all others are worth one point.
  1. When an infraction of the rules occurs, the ref will hold up the flag of the team receiving possession of the ball and blow his whistle.
  2. The ball is put back into play with an action called a free thrown.
  3. Free throw means that the player gets three seconds off free time to throw the ball to another teammate or swim it up the pool. The player cannot shoot the ball.
  4. After three seconds is up, the defense may go after the ball. The player must put the ball into play within three seconds or the defense takes possession.