1. Tennis equipment may be picked up and returned to the front desk at the Arnold Sports Center.
  2. The matches consist of 3 sets. You must win by two (2), i.e. 6-4, 1-6, 7-5.
  3. Courts must be reserved 1 day in advance; please call the Arnold Sports Center for available court times at 867-6360.
  4. MIXED DOUBLES – Regular tennis doubles rules apply. The out-of-bounds lines are marked on the courts (double play outer lines); servers must stay behind the back line until they hit the ball, which must land in the box diagonally across themselves. Servers are allowed one fault before losing the point, which is called a double fault.
  5. SINGLES – Regular singles tennis rules apply. Same as above except singles play the inner lines.
  6. When equipment is returned to the front desk, please record your scores in the appropriate place. This will ensure accuracy and promptness in posting results.
  7. If you have any questions regarding the tournament, contact your intramural coordinators whose phone numbers and email addresses will be provided at the time of sign-up. Other questions should be directed to Rick Beard at 867-6363.