Co-Ed Racquetball

  1. Scoring is done the same way as in volleyball. Only the server can score points. The server scores one point for winning a rally. The receiver gets a “sideout” for winning a rally and then serves the next rally.
  2. The first person to 15 points wins the game (no need to win by 2). A match is the best of 2 games out of 3 and the 3rd game, if necessary, is played to 11.
  1. The server must begin the service motion in the service zone. The server drops the ball, allows it to bounce on the ground only once, and hits it toward the front wall. The serve must hit the front wall, MAY hit one side wall, and must land on the ground between the service zone and the back wall. Any other serve is illegal.
  2. Any one of the following will result in a “double fault” or loss of serve: a. The server swings and misses the ball. b. The served ball does not hit the front wall first. c. The served ball hits the server on the way back. d. Two consecutive single faults.
  1. Receiving players must remain five feet behind the short line until a served ball lands or passes over the short line.
  2. On a Long Serve: The receiver has the option of playing a ball that would be call long; if it is not played then a second serve is allowed (a short serve cannot be played).
  3. A receiving player may hit the ball on either the volley (must be 5 feet behind the short line) or the bounce, and may return it to the front wall with any combination of walls as long as the ball hits the front wall before touching the floor.
  1. First serve goes to the player winning the coin toss. The loser will serve first in game two.
  2. Players alternate hits. The player who is hitting the ball must hit the ball before it bounces twice on the ground. The ball may be hit into any wall or ceiling, as long as the ball reaches the front wall before hitting the ground.
  3. If a player hits the other player with the ball, the rally is replayed.
  4. If a player touches the ball while it is the other player’s turn to hit, the first player loses the rally.
  1. Always wear racquetball goggles when playing. If you decide to get serious about the game, you’ll find that all tournaments require them, so you may a well get used to them now. Also, if you feel you may hit your opponent with your racquet or the ball, please stop your swing!! It is much better to play the point over than to take your opponent to the hospital.
** Each player is responsible for scheduling their own court time by calling the Arnold Sports Center and reserving an available court at x6360. If you have any questions, contact your intramural coordinators – their phone numbers and email addresses will be available at the time you sign up. Report all scores at the end of your match so that the standings can be updated as soon as possible. If you have any further questions, direct them to Rick Beard at 867-6363. **