Pool Volleyball

Game Shall be Played Between 2 Teams of 4 Players in the Heilman Wellness Pool/ Pool Volleyball is played under similar rules to standard Intramural Volleyball, with the most noticeable difference being that it is played in a swimming pool with 4 players per team. All other Intramural Volleyball Rules apply.

Playing Regulations:
  1. A match consists of winning two out of three games. Switch sides between games.
  2. 15 points, winning by a margin of two, will constitute a game win. A 17 point cap will be played at sixteen-sixteen (16-16) meaning the next point wins the game.
  3. Only the serving team scores points.
  4. Teams may hit the ball up to three times before it crosses the net. Any ball contacted more than once by a team must be played to a female (again, if co-ed), otherwise it is a side-out.
  5. Each team is limited to 2 time-outs, both 60 seconds in length, unless both teams are ready to play.
  6. Each team captain is responsible for familiarizing his/her team with the rules, distributing and collecting surveys, and recording scores from the matches.
  7. Each team calls their own lines, with all lines being considered part of the court are considered inbounds. No touching the net, no carries or double hits, no switching positions from the front to the back row, no reaching over or under the net or stepping over the center line, and no touching an opponent will be allowed.
Live and Dead Balls:
  1. A live ball remains live when the following occurs: a. “Let serve” is a ball that when served, hits the net without touching the net antenna and continues across the net into the opponent’s court. This is a playable live ball used as a strategy to keep the game moving.
  2. A love ball becomes dead when the ball touches, contacts, or lands: 
      • Ball touches the net antennas. 
      • Ball lands out-of-bounds or touches the floor. 
      • Is not legally played by the offending team. 
      • A wall or ceiling obstruction over a non-playable area. 
      • Ball becomes motionless in the net. 
      • Ball passes completely under the net. 
      • Ball contacts a non-player in a playable area. 
      • Ball from the direction of the court or player breaks the plane of a nonplayable area. 
      • Player commits a foul. 
      • Official sounds whistle.
Net Play:
  1. A ball contacting and crossing the net shall remain in play provided contact is entirely within the net antennas.
  2. Recovering a ball hit into the net shall be permitted.
  3. Only a legal block allows for contact with the ball when it is entirely on the opponent’s side of the net and the opposing team has had the opportunity to complete its attack. a. Attack is complete when: The attacking team has completed its 3 allowable hits, has had the opportunity to spike the ball, and has the ball falling near the net and no play on the ball can be made.
  4. Attacking or blocking a served ball is not permitted especially when the ball is completely above the height of the net.
  5. A ball may be attacked, excluding a served ball, when it has partially crossed the net.
  6. A net foul occurs when the ball is in play: 
      • A player contacts any part of the net including net cables or net antennas. 
      • Not a foul when player’s hair touches the net. 
      • Not a foul when the force of a ball hit by an opponent pushes the net or net cables into a player.
  1. Putting the ball in play without awarding a point or loss of rally and without a rotation for the serve. 
      • Official’s mistaken whistle. 
      • Double whistle occurs on the serve. 
      • Player unintentionally serves the ball prior to referee’s signal. 
      • Double foul occurs during a live ball. 
      • Conflicting calls which cannot be resolved. 
      • Official’s judgment, player’s legitimate effort to play the ball is affected by: 
      • Non-player anywhere in a playable area. 
      • Wall/floor obstacle. 
      • Ball becomes motionless in the net or inside the net antennas
** All questions should be directed to either your IM coordinators whose phone numbers and email will be provided when you sign up