Doubles Ping Pong

Game Shall be Played Between 2 Teams of 2 Players

  1. Start the game with “Play to Serve”: One player hits the ball to the other and he or she returns it or by hitting it back and forth four times and then playing out the point.
  2. The serve: Player must strike the ball such that it bounces once on his or her half of the table, and then bounces at least one time on the opponent's half. Service, must originate from the right hand "box" in such a way that the first bounce of the serve bounces once in said right hand box and then must bounce at least once in the opponent side's right hand box (far left box for server).
      • Let: If the ball hits the net, but nevertheless goes over and bounces on the other side, it is called a let. Play stops, and the ball must be served again with no penalty. A player may commit any number of lets without penalty.
      • If the service is "good", then the receiver must make a "good" return by hitting the ball back over the net after it bounces once on their side of the table, but before it bounces a second time.
      • Service rotates teams every two points.
      • During ‘game point,’ (if one team is at 10 points) the team that is losing serves.
  3. Players must alternate hitting the ball. For example, after a player serves, the receiving player makes his or her return, the server's partner returns the ball and then the service receiver's partner would play the ball.
  4. Points are awarded to the opponent for any of several errors in play:
      • Allowing the ball to bounce on one's own side more than once.
      • Double hitting the ball. Note that the hand below the wrist is considered part of the racket and making a good return off one's hand or fingers on the racket-holding hand is allowed, but hitting one's hand or fingers and subsequently hitting the racket is a double strike and an error.
      • Allowing the ball to strike anything other than the racket
      • Placing one's free hand on the playing surface or moving the playing surface
      • Offering and failing to make a good serve (i.e., making a service toss and failing to strike the ball fairly into play)
      • Hitting the net with racket or any body part.
      • By volleying the ball (not allowing the ball to bounce on your side)
      • The ball is considered out of bounds if: It touches a wall, ceiling, the opponent's body, or is stopped by the opponents racket
  5. A match is made up of 5 games of 11 points – a game is won only with a two-point lead. After each game, players switch sides of the table and the best of five wins.
  6. ** All questions should be directed to either your IM coordinators whose phone numbers and email will be provided when you sign up