LVC Intramurals

The goal of LVC intramurals is to provide opportunities for healthy exercise & to enrich social competence. All eligible students, staff & faculty are invited to play!

To register for intramurals, go to This link will allow you to create a personal account in the imleagues database for Lebanon Valley College. Captains should register a team name in the selected sport and invite prospective team mates to register under that team name. If you have any questions you can email Melissa at

2013-2014 Intramural Activities

Co-Ed Flag Football League
Team consists of 7 players, a minimum of 2 females must be on the team & play. 5 weeks of regular season & a playoff week.
Registration Deadline: September 7, 2013
Mandatory Captains’ Meeting: September 13, 2013 (common hour)
Season begins: week of September 16, 2013

Co-Ed Volleyball League
Team consists of 6 players, may play with minimum of 4. A minimum of 2 males & 2 females must be on the team.
Registration Deadline: October 26, 2013
Mandatory Captains’ Meeting: November 1, 2013 (common hour)
Season begins: week of November 4, 2013

Basketball League

A 5-on-5 league. Separate leagues for males & females. May have up to 12 people on a roster.
Registration Deadline: February 1, 2014
Mandatory Captains’ Meeting: February 7, 2014 (common hour)
Season begins: week of February 10, 2014