Co-Ed Flag Football

  1. All games are played on the athletic practice fields and Arnold Turf Field under the lights on Sunday- Wednesday evening.
  2. A team is made up of 7 players, with at least 2 females on the field at all times. The offensiveteam is composed of 4 linemen and 3 backs. Ends and backs are eligible to receive passes. The center cannot receive passes.
  3. The team designated one person as the captain. The captain is the only person permitted to address the officials.
  4. Participants may wear soft-soled rubber cleats – no metal cleats!
  5. A game is made up of 2 periods of 15 minutes. Running time shall be in effect until the last 2 minutes of each half, with the clock stopping on all incomplete passes and out-of-bounds plays only. Clock stops during all points after TD attempts, but not for change of possession. A one minute warning will be given for each half.
  6. Two one-minute time-outs are allowed for each team during each half.
  7. If at the end of regulation time, the score is tied, a second coin toss is held. The winner of the toss elects to play offense or defense. The offensive team will put the ball in play at the defensive team’s 20 yard line, first and goal. They may keep the ball until they lose possession, exhaust their 4 downs, or score. Their opponents will then put the ball in play from the same 20-yard line, heading in the same direction. First team to score fewer number downs wins the game. However, only the team in possession of the ball may score.
Playing Regulations:
  1. A team is allowed 4 downs to advance the ball from one zone to another. Zones are 20 yards.
  2. The ball is considered dead at the point where the flag is legally pulled, if the ball carrier’s knees touch the ground, and in all cases where the ball touches the ground (holds for fumbles, punts, etc.).
  3. The team winning the coin flip has the first choice of playing offense, defense, or choice of goals. The ball shall be put in play on the 20 year line, in lieu of all kick situations.
  4. Sack Count- the quarterback has 7 seconds to get rid of the ball or choose to run, or else it is a sack and a loss of down. This is the referees’ responsibility to count for the quarterback.
  5. A touchdown occurs when any part of the ball legally in possession of a player passes above or beyond the opponents’ goal line.
  6. A pass receiver must have one foot in bounds. If pushed by a defender, the official’s judgment shall prevail as to whether or not the receiver would have landed in bounds.
  7. A ball out-of-bounds shall be put in play in the middle of the field.
  8. All blocks must be made with both feet on the ground, with contact of the opponent between the waist and the shoulders. NO blocking below the waist!!!
  9. All punts must be announced and completed. The kick is a free kick with no one moving until the ball is kicked. The kicker may take only 2 steps before kicking the ball and may not hold the ball for more than 5 seconds. There are no returns of the free kick.
  10. If a team has not acquired 10 yards by the time it is the 4th down, they may elect to punt. If the ball goes out-of-bounds before the end zone, the receiving team may set up their line of scrimmage at the point where the ball went out-of-bounds. If the ball goes into the end zone, the receiving team gets possession at the 20 yard line.
  11. A player is downed when the belt is pulled off by an opponent. Please do not tape the Velcro together or use any other forms of reinforcement making the belt more difficult to remove than it was intended.
  12. When a player scores a touchdown, they must raise their arms so the nearest official can deflag them. If the player is not deflagged with one pull and the official determines the flag belt has been secured illegally, the touchdown is disallowed and the player is disqualified.
Male to Male Completion:
  1. During offensive possession there may not be 2 consecutive legal forward pass completions from a male passer to a male receiver. This rule applies to a Try.
Illegal Forward Passing:
  1. Only one forward pass can be thrown per down.
  2. Illegal forward pass: 
    1. “Closed” play means a male player may NOT throw a legal forward pass completion to any other male player. 
    2. “Open” play means any player can complete a legal forward pass to any other player. 
    3. Any foul, whether accepted or declined, shall have no effect on whether the next forward pass completion is “open” or “closed”.
  1. Touchdown: 6 points
  2. Safety: 2 points
  3. Conversion after a touchdown (2 yds. out): 1 point for a run, 2 points for a pass.
  4. Scores should be reported when returning the equipment. Please be sure to report all scores so they can be posed and championships can be determined.
  5. Scores not reported within a week will be considered void for both teams and losses for both.
  1. No team may be penalized more than half the distance of the goal.
  2. If a pass is thrown in from of the line of scrimmage or intentionally downed, 5 yards and the loss of the down.
  3. Illegal delay of game is 5 yards. Ball must be snapped within 20 seconds after being placed down by referee. Punter must kick the ball within 5 seconds of snap.
  4. Unnecessary roughness is 10 yards. Includes tripping or pushing an opponent or illegal use of hands.
  5. Leaving the feet in attempt to block or tackle is 10 yards. If a player consistently leaves his/her feet they will be removed from the game or banned from further competition.
  6. Offside penalty – 5 yards.
  7. Violation of time-out rule – 5 yards.
  8. Illegally pulling flag belt in any way to gain advantage including tying, using other foreign materials, or other such acts is illegal – 5 yards.
**Officials will be present to ensure the safety of the participants. Trainers will also be available.
**If a game should need to be rescheduled or if you have any questions, please notify the Intramural
Office at 867-6366. The Intramural coordinators will also provide you with their phone numbers and
email address when you turn your rosters in.

Playoff selection:
Based initially on overall wins Secondarily, the selection is based on head-to-head competition. Lastly; if a tie remains, we will look at the point differential.

Number of Entries:
The top 4 teams will move on to the playoffs. The number seed will play the number four seed and the number 2 seed will play the number 3 seed. The winner of each game will play for the championship.