Object of the Game:
The object of the game is to hit the shuttlecock back and forth over a net without
permitting it to hit the floor in bounds on your side of the net.

Some General Rules and Terms:
  1. A player may not touch the net with a racket or history body during play.
  2. A birdie may not come to rest or be carried on the racket.
  3. A birdie may hit the net on its way across during play and the rally can continue.
  4. A term of service is called an inning.
  5. A player may not reach over the net to hit the shuttlecock.
  6. A loss of serve is called a side out.
  7. Games will be played to 15 points and a match is 2 out of 3 games.
  1. A coin toss or spin of the racket determines who will serve first.
  2. The serve must travel diagonally (cross court) to be good.
  3. A serve that touches the net and lands in the proper court is called a let serve andis reserved, otherwise, only one serve is permitted to each court until a side outoccurs. A serve that is totally missed may be tried again.
  4. The racket must make contact with the birdie below the waist on a serve.
  5. The server and receiver shall stand within their respective service courts until theserve is made.
  6. Points may only be scored when serving.
  7. All lines are considered in bounds.