Sociology Major

A family studies concentration is for sociology majors planning careers helping families or planning further education in the domain of social work or family studies. Students who concentrate in family studies develop knowledge in five domains: complex and extended families, culture and family life, families and social institutions, family stratification, and family violence.

Family Studies Concentration

Requirements for a sociology major with a family studies concentration:

Core courses:
SOC 110 Introduction to Sociology

SOC 230 Sociology of Marriage and the Family
SOC 310 Research Tools for the Social Sciences
SOC 311 Research Methods in Sociology
SOC 321 Social Theory
SOC 499 Senior Seminar

18 credits from the following courses:
SOC 226 Women and Gender Issues
SOC 261 Perspectives on Aging
SOC 271 Child Abuse
SOC 272 Substance Abuse
SOC 278 Juvenile Justice
SOC 280 Genders and Sexualities
SOC 292 Special Topics in Family Studies
SOC 324 Medical Sociology
SOC 370 Adoption
SOC 385 Comparative Family Studies
SOC 392 Special Topics in Family Studies