World Classics Minor

A minor that allows students to study the foundations of Greek or Indian civilizations, including their languages, art, literature, history, philosophy, and religion. The study of classics is excellent preparation for advanced work in law and medicine, as well as for the graduate study of literature, history, fine arts, archaeology, anthropology, philosophy, religion, and classics. The minor allows students to start key languages for advanced study in their undergraduate years, attain reading proficiency from a first-year language course, and develop their language skills further through individualized study.

Requirements for the minor in world classics:

Complete one of the following language sequences:

GRK 101 Elementary Classical Greek I
GRK 102 Elementary Classical Greek II
LAT 101 Elementary Latin I
LAT 102 Elementary Latin II
SKT 101 Elementary Sanskrit I
SKT 102 Elementary Sanskrit II

12 credits from the following:

DSP 340 Myths and Their Meaning
HIS 103 The Ancient World: the Dawn of Civilization to the Fall of the Han and Roman Empires
PHL 270 Seminar in the History of Philosophy
PHL 301 Key Authors
REL 240 Hindu Traditions
REL 242 Buddhist Traditions