Philosophy Major

The study of philosophy directly involves the student in the process of sharpening critical and analytical abilities. Philosophy courses examine some of the greatest perennial questions of values, knowledge, reality, and their relation to human nature.

Training in philosophy is excellent preparation for any career choice, and many students combine a philosophy major or minor with work in another discipline. In addition, philosophy has been a traditional academic major for students interested in law school.

Degree Requirements: Bachelor of Arts with a major in philosophy.

Required courses:

PHL 140 Encountering World Philosophies
PHL 210 Ethics
PHL 280 Logic
PHL 301 Key Authors
PHL 311 Interdisciplinary Seminar in Philosophy
PHL 499

Two PHL 270 Courses.

Two additional courses in philosophy.

Note: To be credited for majors or minors in philosophy, cross-listed courses must be designated as philosophy courses at registration