Lebanon Valley College Public Safety Survey

Our records indicate you recently had contact with one of our Public Safety Officers. It is important we obtain feedback concerning the service our department provides to members of the campus community. This enables us to evaluate both our personnel and operations. We ask you take a few moments to complete the following questionnaire. Your input is valued. We appreciate your cooperation and support. All correspondence will be kept confidential.

Incident #:
Name of Officer (if known):
LVC Status:
How would you rate the service provided by the officer with whom you had contact?
Poor Average Fair Good Excellent
Helpfulness/ Friendliness
Timeliness of Response
Quality of Service
Professional Conduct
Do you have any constructive criticism or comments to offer regarding the Officer or the service provided?
What is your overall impression of the Campus Public Safety? Please list reasons.
Please add any general comments or recommendations you have concerning the Campus Public Safety Department.