Psychology Major

Degree Requirements: Bachelor of Science with a major in psychology

I. Foundation Courses
All are required

PSY 111 General Psychology I
PSY 111L General Psychology I Lab
PSY 112 General Psychology II
PSY 201 Sophomore Seminar
PSY 211 Research Methods in Psychology
PSY 211L Research Methods in Psych Lab
PSY 212 Statistics & Data Analysis
PSY 212L Statistics & Data Analysis Lab


II. Psychology's Critical Subdisciplines:
Students must complete one course from each of the 5 areas; one of these classes must be at the 300-level.


PSY 280 Intro. to Neuropsychology
PSY 285 Intro. to Psychopharmacology
PSY 291 Special Topics - Biopsychology
PSY 378 Behavioral Neuroscience



PSY 250 Sensory & Perceptual Processes
PSY 252 The Science of Emotion
PSY 260 Learning & Memory
PSY 294 Special Topics - Cognition
PSY 363 Cognitive Science


Human Development:

PSY 230 Psych. of Adolescent Devel'mt
PSY 235 Psych. of Adult Dev. & Aging
PSY 295 Special Topics - Human Develop
PSY 324 Psych. of Child Development


Social Process:

PSY 245 Personality
PSY 247 Psycholog'l Perspect./Gender
PSY 255 Evolutionary Psychology
PSY 292 Special Topics - Social Proc.
PSY 346 Social Psychology



PSY 265 Abnormal Behavior & Experience
PSY 268 Intro. to Clinical Psychology
PSY 270 Forensic Psychology
PSY 293 Special Topics - Psychopathol.
PSY 332 Psych'l Testing and Assessment


III. Electives:
Students must complete any two additional 3-credit courses offered by the Psychology Department.

IV. Advanced Laboratory Courses:
Students must complete PSY 310 (required for students entering as Freshman during the Fall 2010 term and later), plus one of the 1-credit lab courses (from PSY 325, 333, 347, 364, or 379).

PSY 310 Advanced Research Design
PSY 325 Child Development Laboratory
PSY 333 Psych'l Testing & Assm't. Lab
PSY 347 Social Psychology Laboratory
PSY 364 Cognitive Science Laboratory
PSY 379 Behavioral Neuroscience Lab


V. Capstone Experiences:
All students must complete PSY 443 and one of either PSY 400 (at least 3 credits) or 410.

PSY 443 History and Theory
PSY 400 Internship
PSY 410 Independent Lab. Research