Application Guidelines

1. Section I
  • President’s Innovation Fund Proposal (title of proposal)
  • Designate Category of Funding (from above)
  • Proposal Sponsor(s) (include email addresses)
2. Section II
  • Project Description (not to exceed 1,000 words, double spaced)
  • Timeline for Project (approved funds must be spent between start and end dates)
  • Credentials, previous experience, and/or related experience of participants that might contribute to the project’s probability of success 
3. Section III
  • Impact statement (predicted impact for students/faculty, department/program, and the College)
    • What is distinctive about this project/proposal?
    • How and why is this project/proposal different from what we are already doing or have done? 
    • How might the project/proposal be sustained after initial funding? 
4. Section IV
  • Assessment
    • What are the goals and predicted outcomes of the project?
    • How will the project/proposal be assessed?
  • Description of Final Report or Project
    • Final Report (e.g., results, assessment of outcomes, impact on students/faculty/department/program or College)
    • Final Product (e.g., document, course, program, installation, presentation) 
5. Section V
  • Budget—should include, but is not limited to, the following:
    • Student compensation at $10 per hour (include hours per week and number of weeks. Taxes are deducted from compensation).
    • Student room and/or board for summer (calculate using $141 per week for room and $141 per week for board—include total number of weeks)
    • Faculty stipends or release time (taxes are deducted from stipend awards)
    • Guest speakers/consultants/clinicians
    • Travel (should include appropriate breakdown; transportation, food, and lodging)
    • Resources for presentations, installations, and special programming
    • Equipment/software (items in this category become property of the College)
  • Total Estimated Budget
Criteria for Awarding Funds
• Substance and quality of proposal in defining and articulating the pedagogical and/or disciplinary basis of the project or program
• Articulation of appropriate goals, outcomes, and plan for assessment
• Potential impact on students/programs/campus
• Viability of budget
• Practicality of timeline

Application Deadline: Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2015
• Application Review: February 2015
• Award Notification: Early March 2015

Submission of Application
• Submit electronically to Melissa Sherwood

Steven O’Day, special assistant to the president for innovative programs, or Michael Green, vice president of academic affairs and dean of the faculty