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Test Dates Saturday, Dec. 6, 2014
Monday, Dec. 8, 2014
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Nov. 4, 2014 (receipt deadline)
Nov. 14, 2014 (receipt deadline)
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Test Dates Saturday, Feb. 7, 2015
Monday, Feb. 9, 2015
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Jan. 7, 2015 (receipt deadline)
Jan. 16, 2015 (receipt deadline)
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How to Finance Law School Studies
Those considering public interest law may wish to look at this U.S. government site offering information regarding the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program.

Event Archive:

Three events of interest to law school applicants will take place in the course of the coming week:

First, this Monday (10/14) Jessica Anderson JD, Assistant Dean for Law Admissions at Indiana Tech University will visit campus and will be able to join students at lunch. Indiana Tech is a brand new law school; they will take a close interest in applications from LVC students & alumni. Dean Anderson visited the LVC campus last year and was very impressed with the students she met on that occasion. This is a very good opportunity for LVC students and alumni. Please email me as soon as possible to indicate whether you would like to meet Dean Anderson and, if you do wish to meet her, whether 12-1 might work with your schedule.

Second, the Philadelphia Law School Fair will be held next Wednesday (10/16) at Drexel University;over 100 law schools will be represented; many will offer application fee waivers. Several LVC students and alumni are planning to attend; car-pooling arrangements are being planned. Further details regarding the Philly law school fair are available here.

Third, the New York Law School Forum will be held on Friday and Saturday (10/18 and 10/19). Details may be found at the LSAC website.

The Mid-Atlantic Black Law Students Association (MABLSA) has organized a Pre-Law Camp that will take place at The University of Pittsburgh on October 19, 2013 from 9 am to 3 pm. The purpose of this event is to present information and practical workshops to all undergraduate and high school students who are interested in attending law school. Please share the attached information, inform your students of the event, and encourage them to register. The event is FREE and breakfast and lunch will be served. Students can register here.

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