Physical Therapy Introduction

Program & Degree Requirements | Prerequisite Requirements for Applicants with Bachelor's Degrees | Professional Physical Therapy Curriculum

Students complete program pre-requisite courses and College general education requirements in the pre-professional or first three years of study. Students must meet all program requirements prior to the start of the professional phase, the second three years. Students who have completed all of the program pre-requisites and the College's general education requirements are awarded a bachelor of science degree in health science following completion of the first professional year, or fourth year of undergraduate study. After completion of the final two years of the professional phase, students are awarded a doctor of physical therapy (D.P.T.) degree and are eligible to take the national licensure exam.

Applicants, pre-professional, and professional-phase students should note that students with records of criminal convictions may be disqualified from licensure. Students must assume the responsibility for ascertaining their status in this regard with the physical therapy licensure board in the state where they seek to sit for licensure.