Student Identification Cards (Dutchman OneCard)

A personal identification card (Dutchman OneCard for full-time students) with photograph is issued to each student. The card identifies the student as a member of the College and provides privileged admission to athletic events, the dining hall, the library, the Lebanon Valley College Sports Center, the New Student Center, and access to their assigned residential facility. The card must be shown if requested by Public Safety officers or other College personnel. Students must show their ID cards to make charges to their student accounts in the College Store; receive College work-aid checks; use the facilities and services of the College library; borrow equipment in the College Center; enter the dining halls, dances, and the Arnold Sports Center.

Lost or damaged cards will be replaced at a charge. For assistance with lost or damaged ID cards, students should contact the Office of Public Safety. Upon withdrawal from the College, the ID card must be returned to the Student Affairs Office.