For many new students, sharing a room with someone else is a first. You and your new roommate are sharing a small space. This experience can provide a great opportunity for personal growth and development.

Below are a few key points that current LVC students suggest regarding living with someone else:
  • Start to get to know your roommate over the summer so you have an idea of what he/she is like. Also talk to him/her beforehand so you know what each of you will bring for your room. As an incoming student, you will most likely bring a lot more than you will need for your room and there is a good chance that your roommate will do the same thing. 
  • Be flexible. You never know what your roommate will be like in person and many of your pre-conceived ideas may be completely different.
  • Discuss expectations for each other early. Be genuine and honest about your preferences. If you need it to be quiet to study, you should let your roommate know from the start, not the night before an exam. 
  • Go to meals together with other groups of roommates-it's a great way to make new friends! 
  • Remember that you are not a clone of your roommate. If you aren't involved in every single activity together, it's not the end of the world! It is usually best if you both make your own friends and do your own things. 
  • Don't talk negatively about your roommate to other students, talk to your roommate first if you have concerns.
  • If your concerns are not being met, don't hesitate to talk to your RA or Area Coordinator.
In one of your RA's first floor meetings, he/she will assist you and your roommate with establishing boundaries and setting expectations for each other through completing the Roommate Connections form.