Identity of Title IX Coordinator, Deputies, and OCR Information

Title IX Coordinator

Ann C. Hayes
Director of Human Resources
Humanities 108-C
Lebanon Valley College 101 N. College Avenue, Annville, Pa, 17003-1400


Deputy Title IX Coordinators:

Robert L. Mikus
Associate Dean of Student Affairs
Center for Student Engagement, Mund College Center
Lebanon Valley College
101 N. College Avenue, Annville, Pa, 17003-1400


Stacey Hollinger
Associate Director/Senior Women's Administrator
Arnold Sports Center
Lebanon Valley College
101 N. College Avenue, Annville, Pa, 17003-1400


Marc Harris
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Humanities 201-A
Lebanon Valley College
101 N. College Avenue, Annville, Pa, 17003-1400


Inquiries concerning the application of anti-discrimination laws may be referred to the Title IX coordinator or deputy coordinators identified above or to the Office for Civil Rights, United States Department of Education. Visit for the address and phone number of the U.S. Department of Education office that serves your area, or call 1-800-421-3481.

Title IX Advocacy Program

Lebanon Valley College has trained advocates who have been selected from our own faculty and staff. The purpose of providing an advocate to the complainant or respondent of sexual misconduct/assault is to offer support during a time of great stress. She/he may not fully be aware of what her/his options are based on her/his compromised position after the alleged misconduct/assault. The advocate can accompany the student throughout any part of the College process. A student-chosen advocate may offer support with regard to the emotional, medical, and legal ramifications after alleged sexual misconduct/assault on campus.

The following individuals serve as Title IX Advocates:

Alexis Baker
Administrative Assistant for Facilities
Facilities Services





Melissa Byler

Director of the LVC Sports Center
Arnold Sports Center

Sarah Clark
Visiting Assistant Professor in English
Humanities 205-B

Amber Corcoran
Head Field Hockey Coach
LVC Sports Center

Mark Costello
Assistant Football Coach
Arnold Sports Center

Sean Droms
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Lynch 283-F

Jen Evans
Director of Student Activities
Center for Student Engagement

Sarah Greene
Director of the Bishop Library

Kimberlee Josephson
Assistant Professor of Business Administration
Lynch 136

Olajiwon McCadney
Assistant Director of Intercultural Affairs & Inclusive Programs
Center for Student Engagement

Justin Morell
Assistant Professor of Music
Blair 216

Robin Myers
Clinical Associate Professor of Physical Therapy
Heilman 115-A

James F. O’Brien
Arnold Sports Center Secretary
Arnold Sports Center

Matt Sayers
Associate Professor of Religion
Humanities 307-D

Melissa Sherwood
Human Resources Assistant
Humanities 108


Holly Wendt
Assistant Professor of English
Humanities 208-D