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The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning & Educational Technology was founded in 2006 by faculty member Dr. Barry Hill with the belief that quality teaching is at the essential core of scholarship. CETL facilitated workshops that provided information about student learning and teaching pedagogy, offered teaching tips and advice for using technology in the classroom, and developed a library of resources from the research literature on teaching and learning.

In 2008 CETL was the beneficiary of a gift that funded several grant awards with the idea of supporting purposeful course redesign. The funds are awarded annually and more information can be found at Course Enhancement Grants.

Lebanon Valley College hired their first full-time director for the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning & Educational Technology, Megan Potteiger, in 2013 and began to expand and develop CETL's programs to provide enhanced support for faculty teaching and student learning on campus. Some of the new programs include Faculty Learning Communities, an individual Consulation and Observation Program, and Faculty Forums.

Mission Statement 

CETL encourages and supports a campus community that values effective, diverse, and innovative teaching; invites genuine inquiry into and discussion of teaching and learning pedagogy; and promotes the effective and intentional use of teaching and learning tools, including digital technologies.

To achieve this, CETL aims to:

  • Organize and facilitate programming that encourages the exchange of innovative ideas and effective practices related to teaching and learning
  • Foster individual, departmental, and college-wide inquiry, dialogue, and collegiality, particularly related to supporting student learning and enriching faculty teaching
  • Create and cultivate avenues of support and resources for all faculty to promote success in the areas of teaching, scholarship, and service
  • Collaborate closely with Information Technology, Academic Affairs, and academic departments and programs in joint endeavors in support of quality teaching at the College
  • Support a broad understanding of scholarship by nurturing and supporting faculty work in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

What We Offer: 

  • Pedagogy and educational technology workshops - monthly programs that explore innovative techniques and technologies related to teaching and learning
  • Faculty forums - programs that initiate and foster discussion among faculty colleagues for the exchange of ideas and practices related to teaching and learning the College
  • Faculty learning communities - faculty inquiry groups based on either a cohort or an area of interest who meet once to twice a month to explore and discuss their shared interests in a collegial and supportive context
  • Individual consultations - available via phone, e-mail, web chat, or in person, consultations with the CETL director provide resources and support for enhancing student learning and improving outcomes
  • Classroom observations - in-class observations provide excellent feedback for faculty who are looking to try something new in the classroom or address a teaching concern in a reflective setting
  • Peer observation groups - small groups of faculty who meet during a semester to observe a class given by each group member and to discuss effective teaching techniques