Our students get four years of career preparation.

The liberal arts are about exploration of the disciplines and ideas that make for a well-rounded mind—and an interesting, informed life. But at LVC, they're also about preparation for the challenges and demands of the world our student encounter when they graduate.

Community-based career guidance begins on day one, as professors, advisors, and career counselors help student explore broadly while thinking ahead—balancing intellectual growth with a steady focus on career development and practical experience.

For assistance with finding a major, discovering your strengths, uncovering employment options, or preparing for the job search and graduate school, make an appointment with a career counselor and/or access the many resources available through our website and Handshake.


Services Offered: 

Resume & Letter Review 

Individualized Career Counseling 

Major Exploration & Selection 

Handshake: Job & Internship Listings 

Graduate School Guidance 

On-Campus Recruiting & Networking 

Job Search Strategies 

Interview Preparation & Mock Interviewing 


Identity Based Resources


LGBTQ+ Students with Disabilities
Multicultural Students International Students

Student Athletes


First Generation Students  Adult Learners