Career Resources for Faculty

Throughout the day, LVC faculty members are likely to be asked for career advice from the freshman with no major, to the sophomore that wants to change majors, to the junior needing experience, and to the senior seeking a job or assistance with graduate school.

To assist you in your role as advisor, the Center for Career Development provides resources and services through our website and classroom presentations. Use the links below to explore some of our web-based resources. To request a classroom presentation or assistance with a class project related to career planning and the job search, contact Sarah Bartz, associate director of career development, at 717-867-6381.


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Policies and Agreements that Govern the Operation of the Center for Career Development


Key Faculty Resources

  • Call in the Substitutes. Team up with Career Development staff to offer engaging workshops for your students. Examples of class presentations include: resume writing; preparation and practice for interviews; an overview of career planning strategies; and building a LinkedIn profile. For details on these and other topics contact  To schedule a session please contact us 10-14 days in advance and provide details on the class, location, time.
  • Experience Counts: Internships, Shadowing, and Arnold Internship Grants
  • How to Write a Reference Letter
  • Sample Faculty Reference Letter
  • Recommendation Form for Teaching Candidates
  • What Employers Seek in College Graduates
  • Record of Graduate Success


Resources for Your Students

CLICK HERE to view our recommended career planning guides and the job search resources available. You also will find links to several subscription-based job and internship listings (free to you and the student). Contact the Center for Career Development to learn more about our career management platform, Handshake.