Lebanon Valley College prepares students for success with a thorough education and countless opportunities to explore and develop the confidence to know who they are and what they want to do.

Become a part of their LVC experience by joining Career Connections, an online mentoring program that provides students and recent graduates an opportunity to tap into the LVC Global Network for exploration, networking, and mentoring during the job or internship search process.

Career Connections is open to alumni from any career background. The program offers a flexible time commitment based on personal availability. Because of the program’s online presence, alumni from across the country and all over the world can easily volunteer.


New Users:

  1. Review the mentor job description below.
  2. Visit the program website and select “mentor” as the type of account.
  3. Fill out the information to create your online profile.
  4. Continue to stay active in connecting with students and alumni for career development.

Once your profile information is submitted, your status will be "pending" until confirmed and approved by the Office of Alumni & Parent Engagement/Breen Center for Graduate Success. Upon approval, alumni can serve as mentors and their profile will be available for students and recent graduates to view. Mentors can determine how many "contacts" they wish to receive each month. The database for this mentoring program can be sorted by major, occupation/current job description, areas of expertise, co-curricular activities, and geographic region allowing students and alumni to receive more personalized assistance.


Mentor Job Description

The role you play as a Career Connections mentor has significant potential for influencing students and helping them in their career development. Mentors are asked to abide by the following expectations:

  • Maintain your profile: Your volunteer profile is your first impression on a student seeking your help; creating and maintaining an informative profile is crucial to your continued involvement with Career Connections. Keep yours up-to-date with a current email address and job information by regularly logging in to your profile.
  • Give Advice: Students may ask you to provide career advice on résumé writing, career exploration, the job search process, etc. Be available and willing to help them with these questions, or refer them to others, when needed. You are not expected to be an expert on all career-related matters.
  • Be Honest and Professional: Communicate honestly and professionally with students when answering questions or providing advice. Students will learn from your example.
  • Provide Feedback: Share your feedback with Career Connections coordinators about the program, participants, and your experiences. Career Connections is a collaborative effort between the offices of Career Development and Alumni & Parent Engagement.
  • Consider introducing your employer to Lebanon Valley College students or graduates: Post your job and internship opportunities today on the LVC Handshake system. Contact the Center for Career Development at career-development@lvc.edu or 717-867-6560, or visit the Resources for Employers page. 

Career Connections Mentor Testimonial

"I am currently employed in my 2nd full-time job in my field since graduating, and an LVC senior reached out to me via LVC's Handshake mentorship program. I set up a time for her to come in and shadow me at my job. Once there, she confirmed that it was indeed the type of work she had been looking for. My department at the time was looking for candidates, so she applied for an interview, which led to a job opportunity. The message she sent me via the Handshake program was the first step in the whole process." -- Amy M.