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Faculty Focus: The Valley Humanities Review - An International Journal
08.02.13 |
Dr. Laura Eldred, assistant professor of English, is the founder and editor of the Valley Humanities Review, an international journal devoted to publishing the best undergraduate scholarship in philosophy, art & art history, literature, history, religion, and languages. “Part of our goal in conceiving the journal was to forge and clarify ties between all of these fields,” Eldred said. “It’s about reading and understanding and interpreting texts, whether they’re art or religious texts or works of literature. The journal rewards those who can show those skills in close reading and analysis that are key to the humanities.”

The journal’s interdisciplinary editorial board is comprised of student-faculty pairs representing each discipline within the humanities. Each pair collaborates to develop selection criteria within their discipline, as well as review submissions, select works, and edit papers for publication. “It’s a high-impact experience for the student-editors,” noted Eldred. “It’s also a professionalizing experience, because the students learn what counts as exemplary research in their field.”

The journal, which was supported this year by an Arnold Grant, publishes one online issue each spring and awards annual scholarships for the best submissions by a high school student and by an LVC student. The entire editorial board comes together to choose the scholarship winners.

Founded in 2008, the Valley Humanities Review is growing a reputation for publishing quality work. “We’ve received more than 200 submissions,” said Eldred. “They’ve represented a wide range of fields and schools, including Columbia, Harvard, Princeton, and Yale, and institutions in the U.K. We’re proud of the quality of our journal—undergraduates in the humanities can do really important work.”

Faculty joining Eldred on the journal’s editorial team include Dr. Richard Chamberlin, assistant professor of French and German; Dr. Mary Pettice, associate professor of digital communications; Dr. Michael Schroeder, assistant professor of history; Dr. Grant Taylor, associate professor of art history; Dr. Gary Grieve-Carlson, professor of English and director of general education; and Dr. Robert Valgenti, associate professor of philosophy.

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