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HAPPINESS Colloquium Film Series Presents "Life is Beautiful"
11.16.12 |
The HAPPINESS Colloquium film series at Lebanon Valley College will screen the film, "Life is Beautiful" (1997) at Annville's Allen Theatre Tues., Nov. 20 at 5:30 p.m. Tickets are $1 for non-LVC students and $3 for the general public. The film is free to LVC students.

Although the film begins brightly in a beautiful Tuscan town, the plot focuses on the darkness of the holocaust during World War II. Staying with the HAPPINESS colloquium theme, "Life is Beautiful" is about maintaining happiness even in the bleakest of situations.

In the beginning, the only thing that the main character, Guido, has on his mind is catching the girl of his dreams. Jump ahead a few years and Guido is in a concentration camp, struggling to convince his young son that the concentration camp is just a game. Somehow comedic and tragic at the same time, Guido desperately tries to keep his son from losing his innocence and happiness.

In 1999, "Life is Beautiful" won three Academy Awards for Best Music-Original Dramatic Score, Best Foreign Language Film and Best Actor for Roberto Benigni's role as Guido.

HAPPINESS is a year-long integrated series of guest speakers, roundtable discussions, films and courses that will consider the meaning and importance of happiness as a psychological, physiological, social and cultural phenomenon. It involves presentations by speakers from a number of disciplines who approach the theme from the standpoints of the arts, the wellness of body and mind, the demands of a consumer economy, the expectations and duties of political life, and the broad philosophical questions of human flourishing. On the web at

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