Audio & Music Production

Play. Record. Sell.
You love music. You love audio and production. You’d like to make money, right? That’s what we do at LVC, and we’ve been doing it a long time. Develop your skills as a musician and a recording engineer. Learn how the business works while running our in-house record label. Become totally immersed in the music industry as you play with other fantastic musicians and work on a wide variety of projects in our studios. Learn about all the different career options you’ll have that you didn’t even know exists.

Hands-on experience…from Day One
As a freshman, you’ll immediately start your first recording classes, mixing tracks the very first week of school. You’ll have complete access to all our studios as you go through each year, and they’re open all day long for you to practice. We offer an extensive selection of audio classes in areas like studio recording, mastering, digital media, game audio, live sound, acoustics, sound design, and so on.

What else can I do?
Lots of stuff! You can easily pursue a minor from another department, and you can choose electives such as video, graphic design, creative writing, or whatever floats your boat. Branch out, try lots of stuff - you never know what may set your course in life.

What do your graduates do?
Anything you can imagine and more. After 20+ years of training engineers, we’ve got graduates all over the place: music production, film and video, live sound, retail, radio and TV, sports, Ringling Brothers (yes, really!), the list goes on. Many of them have started their own business. Your goal is to pursue what you love to do.  

Common Questions about the Program 

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Printable PDF: Complete degree requirements

Printable PDF: 4 year outline

Degree Requirements: Bachelor of Music with a major in Audio & Music Production

Audio & Music Production students must complete the Core Music Major classes plus:

Required courses:
AMP 151 Audio Engineering I
AMP 152 Audio Engineering II
AMP 251 Tonmeister Recording
AMP 252 Audio for Digital Media
AMP 254 Systems Design & Integration
AMP 351 Audio Mastering
AMP 352 Electronic Music
AMP 453 Music Production & Engineering
MBS 203 Milestones in Music Recording
MBS 371 Introduction to the Music Business
MSC 115 Music Theory I
MSC 116 Music Theory II
MSC 117 Aural Theory I
MSC 118 Aural Theory II
*MSC 150 Class Piano Instruction I
*MSC 151 Class Piano Instruction II
PHY 205 Physics of Sound

*Grade of C- or better required.

8 semesters of:
MSC 099 Recital Attendance
Individual Instruction (MUI)
Music Ensemble (MUE)

Majors will exhibit proficiency in voice by completing the following:
MSC 160 Class Voice Instruction

Two from the following:
MSC 201 Music of the United States
MSC 202 World Musics
MSC 241 History and Literature of Music I
MSC 242 History and Literature of Music II
MSC 343 20th Century Music

Two from the following:
AMP 451 Game Audio
AMP 452 Concert Systems and Commercial Audio
DCOM 341 Editing/Post-Production
DCOM 343 Sound Design

Three credits of Internship:
AMP 400 Internship