Music Department

Welcome to the Department of Music at Lebanon Valley College. Music has been a part of LVC since 1866. The tradition of great musicianship and career preparation has continued over the decades. The department has grown and evolved with the times. The Department of Music houses programs that provide wide-ranging opportunities for performances and skills needed to succeed. Music business, music recording technology, music education, masters of music education, and a host of music bachelor of art degree offerings overlap, without ever losing the focus of music being the central essence of all programs.

You will find the Department of Music unique in its vision and commitment, with one foot firmly planted in the traditions of the past and the other foot in step with the opportunities of the future.

About the Department of Music

Recognized as a special strength of the institution, the music degree program offers an intense and challenging curriculum starting your freshman year. Beginning with a personalized audition, the music program features a student-centered curriculum and individualized attention. Ample opportunities are available to perform as a soloist or within the many campus ensembles.

Learning about music, developing sensitive and critical listening skills, creating and performing music, and understanding the role of music in history and contemporary society are all vital elements in the music curriculum at LVC.

A broad-based, flexible course of study has been designed to meet the specific professional requirements of the music student as well as the musical needs of the general liberal arts student.

Several generations of students have benefited from the music curriculum at Lebanon Valley College. Many of our graduates immediately embark on successful careers in education, music recording technology, the music industry, or performance, while others further their music education by attending top graduate schools.

Join us in discovering the logic, the joy, and the passion of music at Lebanon Valley College.