Junior High Camp

Calling all Junior High School musicians and vocalists! Come join the fun at our 28th annual Summer Music Camp. Learn from professional music faculty at a college known for its programs in music, music education, music business, and music recording technology. Share your love and passion for music with other campers from all over central Pennsylvania. You can plan your own camp experience by selecting a mix of primary programs, ensembles, and electives. Performance areas include Percussion, Woodwind, and Brass in the concert band primary. Theater Vocal Workshop for those interested in stage performance. It’s all about making good music and lasting friendships. That’s why so many of our first-time campers return year after year. Your week at LVC will give you a sense of what a career in music might hold. This is your chance to explore the world of music and develop your unique voice and talents.

Junior High Day Camp Offerings

Primary Programs
  • Band Instruments (Woodwinds, Brass 
    and Percussion)
  • Musical Theater (Vocal Performance 

Band Instruments and Workshops
  • Woodwind
  • Brass
  • Percussion
  • Music in Film
  • Music Theory
  • Music Through the Ages
  • Beginning Guitar
  • Jazz Improvisation
  • Pop Vocal Basics