LEED Education & Other ID Credits

Besides the prerequisites and credits that are listed by the USGBC on the LEED checklist the team can select up to five points thru Innovation in Design credits. These credits leave the team the option of coming up with some new ideas or taking a chosen credit to the next level. One of these credits can be having a LEED Accredited Professional on the design or construction team. Lebanon Valley College chose to add a Green Cleaning program and Education to its occupants and visitors as additional ID credits. These visitor tours are part of the Education credit which requires the college to educate the occupants and visitors about green/sustainable buildings in two different ways. The college installed two TV screens with educational slides for the second option.

Another option for receiving an ID credit can be thru Exemplary Performance which means a credit reaches the next increment. For example the recycled content credit gives points for up to 20% of recycled content in materials. One point for every 10%. By achieving the next threshold of 30% the project can earn another Innovation in Design credit.

For any further information on green buildings, the LEED ratings system or the USGBC please visit their website: www.usgbc.org. The educational slides on the screens can also be found on the LVC website.