Healthy Environment

The construction team went thru great efforts to make this building as healthy of an environment for its users as possible. All materials were carefully selected according to their non-off gasing and no VOC values. These materials are paints, adhesives, carpets, and composite wood. The vendors were required to show confirmation of their products that they meet this stringent requirement.

During the construction process the building was kept as clean as possible by placing stone around the perimeter of the building, installing temporary walk off mats at all of the entrances, storing off gasing materials in highly ventilated sections of the building, and closing off all installed ductwork to keep it dust free.

To maintain this healthy environment walk off mats are placed at all main entrances, HEPA filters were replaced after the construction, and all hazardous gases or chemicals are stored in housekeeping rooms which have sealed walls and are ventilated.

The building is smoke free which means smoking is not allowed within the building as well as within 25 feet of entrances and air intakes of the building. Signs designate smoking areas away from these entrances and ask the visitors to extinguish their cigarettes prior to walking closer.

A green cleaning program ensures that no cleaning agents are used which could affect the quality of the air. The cleaning staff is trained on a regular basis to follow the guidelines and use only qualifying products.