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For sessions will be offered during the morning and afternoon portion of the program. Please rank the session you are interestd in attending (1-least interest; 3-average interest; 5-most interested)
AM Sessions:

1. Coping with Reality:

At times in our lives we are faced with realities that often do not match with plans and expectations. This session will highlight ways to deal with and navigate life when expectations and hopes do not match our reality.

2. Internalized Sexism:

Sexism is alive and well in our world. We often do no realize how external messages we see, hear, and experience as women are often internalized. This internalization often has an impact on emotions, confidence, and the ability to lead effectively. This session will provide a foundation for understanding as well as provide ways to counteract and work against these internalized messages.

PM Sessions:

1. Success is Not a Box:

Success is more than just economic stability. It is important for women to understand the varying ways in which success can be defined. The session will emphasize the importance of defining success for oneself and applying this definition for future endeavors.

2. Who is on Your Yellow Brick Road:

Often we forget that success and leadership do not happen in silos. At every point in a person's journey there are key people, mentors, and experiences that inform our path. This session will explore this concept with attendees and encourage participants to begin cultivating and valuing these relationships.