Social Justice Institute

JANUARY 9-11, 2014
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Every January, the Office of Multicultural Affairs sponsors a three-day leadership institute that allows students to explore how oppression impacts true equality. The highlight of the institute is the 2 day trip to Washington, DC where students participate in service opportunities at agencies around DC dedicated to social justice work.

Learning Outcomes
As a result of their active engagement and participation in the Institute, students will be able to:

  • Understand and explain what racism, sexism, heterosexism, and classism are as well as how they are maintained by power and privilege.
  • Understand and explain the interconnectedness of identity and the power/privilege given by their identity groups.
  • Understand and explain the difference between prejudice, discrimination, and oppression as well as the difference between appreciation/celebration of diversity and working for social justice.
  • Develop action plans to apply the knowledge gained at the institution and in the community.
Benefits to Participation
  • Takes participants from just appreciating diversity to understanding systems that maintain oppression and privilege in our society. 
  • Develop strong leadership and critical thinking skills. 

Participants will receive skill development and certification in facilitating workshops on the topics learned during the institute on campus and beyond!

The program is free and open to all class years! Space is limited to first come first served!

For information on the Social Justice Institute, contact the Office of Multicultural Affairs at 717-867-6235.