MME Symposium Materials

  1. The required textbook is "Music Across the Senses," by Jody L. Kerchner. The ISBN is 978-0-19-996763-6. It is available new ($24.95) or used ($18.70) in the LVC College Store, or it can be purchased directly from the publisher, Oxford University Press. If you order from OUP, enter the promotion code 28862 to save 20%. Dr. Kerchner requests that you skim the book before arriving so you will be familiar with the contents.
  2. Also required is a musical instrument (or voice) for improvisation activities. This could be your primary instrument, secondary (or tertiary) instrument, even a classroom instrument such as recorder or guitar.
  3. It is recommended that you become familiar with the material at Drs. Kaschub and Smith will have copies of their materials available at the Symposium for you to peruse.
  4. Some interesting mobile apps that you may find useful include: Bebot, Pitch Painter, Beatwave, Musyc, Madpad, TouchSounds, Garage Band and web-based Noteflight and Soundwave. If you are familiar with other apps or programs that encourage creative thinking in music, please share them with your colleagues during our time together or please send information to to be distributed in advance of the Symposium.