Orientation: MBA Program Information & Overview


MBA prerequisites are as follows:
      - An undergraduate course in financial accounting
      - An undergraduate course in finance
      - Proficiency using Microsoft EXCEL
      - A refresher course in either college-level algebra or calculus, and/or statistics is recommended if   

not used at work and the last college math course was more than five years ago.

Students who have not completed an undergraduate course in either accounting or finance may be admitted conditionally to the program. These prerequisites must be met prior to taking MBA 805, MBA 875, and MBA 895 (and MBA 803 for the healthcare concentration). Students are expected to be proficient using Microsoft Excel for spreadsheet modeling. These prerequisite courses are offered through Harvard Business Review in an online, self-paced format.  Evidence of completion is necessary prior to registration for the aforementioned courses.

To purchase and take these prerequisite courses online, visit the Harvard Business Review website at
http://hbr.org/store/landing/courses?referral=01121.  The Finance course number is 1000HF, Financial Accounting is 4000HF, and Spreadsheet Modeling is 2000HF.

Prerequisite courses can also be fulfilled by taking the corresponding undergraduate course at LVC or at another school of the student’s choosing.  If taken elsewhere, students must request that a transcript be sent to our office upon completion.

The LVC courses meeting the prerequisite requirement are the following:
Accounting 161: Financial Accounting
Business 361: Principles of Finance



Any student whose GPA falls below 3.00 or who earns a C or F in three or more credit hours may be placed on academic probation.  A student on academic probation may be required to retake courses or correct other academic deficiencies and must achieve a 3.00 cumulative average within two semesters of being placed on probation.  A student may repeat a maximum of two graduate courses with any given course being repeated only once.

Students who fail a course required for the degree must repeat the course in the next semester it is offered.  A grade of C or higher must be earned to receive credit for the course.  Students are allowed a maximum of two C's in the program.

All students must earn a grade of B- or higher in the capstone course, MBA 895, Strategic Management. 
Students are expected to come prepared for each class and communicate with their course professor if they have questions or are having difficulty with the material.

A candidate for the MBA degree must complete a minimum of 36 credits, of which 27 must be earned at Lebanon Valley College and no more than 6 credits may be transferred in as required core courses. A candidate must achieve at least a 3.00 cumulative average with a maximum of two C's within the 36 graduate credits to be certified for graduation.

A student may appeal any decision of the Office of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education to the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty.




This is a part-time program for working professionals.  Most students complete the program in 24 to 36 months depending on whether summer courses are taken.


The program must be completed within 5 years.  Students who have not earned the degree after 5 years may be asked to meet additional requirements in order to graduate.

There are five sessions per year: two sessions in the fall semester (August to October and October to December), two sessions in the spring semester (January to March and March to May) and, one in the summer semester.

Courses typically run 8 weeks with the exception of Strategic Management which is a 12 week course.

Sessions run back to back within a semester so students usually take one course per session in a semester so that they can complete 2 courses (6 credits) per semester but attend only one night per week.  Students who wish to take two courses in the summer will need to attend two nights per week during that session.

Students can transfer in 3 graduate business courses (no more than 2 core courses).



Courses are typically offered on M-TH evenings, 6-10pm.  A Saturday course may occasionally be offered. Courses are in a seminar style format, and use games, models, case studies, groups, and semester long projects.

Courses and electives may be taken in any order within the following guidelines:

      - MBA 895 - Strategic Management is the capstone course must be one of the last

courses taken.  This is a 12 week class.  Students must have completed all of the other core courses

prior to taking this course. 

      - Take the electives you want when they are offered, some electives may only be offered once per

year. Core courses are generally offered every other semester or twice per year.


The MBA Director serves as the academic advisor and is available by email, phone, and by appointment. 
Every student's academic progress shall be reviewed at the end of each academic period by the academic advisor.  Any student whose average falls below 3.00 or earns a C or F in an MBA course may be placed on academic probation.  A student on academic probation may be required to retake courses or correct other academic deficiencies and must achieve a 3.00 cumulative average within two semesters of being placed on probation. 



You will receive a letter from the Office of Information Technology (IT) about a week after you register for your first class.  This will have your LVC account information.  MyLVC is your online resource to access email, grades, billing statements, blackboard, and to register on-line for future courses.

To login to MyLVC:
      1. Go to LVC home page at

      2. Click on the My LVC logo at the top corner of the page
      3. Enter your user name and password

LVC EMAIL: To access your LVC email, login to MyLVC and click the Outlook icon under academic resources.  Your LVC email will be the primary method we use to communicate with you.  We strongly encourage you to forward your LVC email to your primary email account.

To forward your LVC E-mail to your home E-mail so that you don’t miss important announcements:
      1. In Webmail, click on “Options.” 
      2. Scroll to “Forwarding” at the bottom. 
      3. Place a check mark in “Enable Forwarding.”  Recommended: Place a check mark in “Retain Copy”

of e-mail in Webmail inbox.
      4. In the box provided, fill in the “Address you would like to forward message to.” 
      5. Click the “Save” icon.     

ACCESS LVC: Access LVC is found on the MyLVC page under the academic resources.  You can find links to grades, course registration, billing account, transcripts and more (for more information on Access LVC please see the section on Access LVC below). 


BLACKBOARD: Blackboard is a communication tool and course management system used in our MBA courses. Note: Course information on Blackboard will be available 1 week before the course start date.



The Bishop Library is available online to view or renew checked out materials.  

The Bishop Library has created an MBA LibGuide http://libguides.lvc.edu/mba to make access to business and healthcare resources easier. Of note, is an EBSCO database called the Health Policy Reference Center which provides access to full text journal articles. Passsport GMID is an industry database for conducting industry research.

To access the MBA Libguide:
Go to the library home page
Near the bottom of the home page, look under the category “Research Help”
Select Libguides
Select Business
Select MBA Library Resources

To access Passport GMID:
Go to the library home page
Near the bottom of the home page, look under the category “Find”
Select “articles and databases”
Go to p.5
Select Passport GMID


The Job Center offers career resources, job and internship opportunities, and more.  You can sign-up for an account with your LVC user name and password.

If you have problems with email, Access LVC, or Blackboard contact the IT Help Desk at 717-867-6072.




   1. Go to www.lvc.edu 
   2. Click the MyLVC Tab on the upper right corner
   3. Login to MyLVC using your LVC login and password 
   4. Locate the Access LVC icon on the right of the page under Academic Resources 
   5. Once in your Access LVC account, select Access LVC for Students to view your information

You can then view the following:

Under Academic Profile Select Grades to view your past and present grades.
TRANSCRIPTS: You can select Transcript to view your LVC transcript.

REGISTRATION: Under Registration - you can register, drop and add classes (see Course Registration section for details).
COURSE SCHEDULES: Under Academic Profile you can check your schedule, see and print your grades, view a degree audit (shows your program requirements).

ACCOUNT INFORMATION: Under Academic Financial Information you can view your account balance, print your statement, and view a history of any financial aid (loans) you have received. 

VEHICLE REGISTRATION: Under Non-Academic Information you can register your vehicle (see Parking section for details).


Registrations can be completed on-line through access LVC or by completing the online registration form at www.lvc.edu/mba/register.aspx.  On-line registration through Access LVC requires an LVC username and password.

A reminder and instructions are emailed to all MBA students a week before registration opens. 

There is a registration priority for the first three days of registration after which registration for each course remains open until the day before each course begins.  The registration priority for each semester is based on the number of credits completed: 
      - 8-12 courses completed – register on day 1
      - 4-7 courses completed – register on day 2
      - 0-3 courses completed – register on day 3

REGISTERING FOR YOUR FIRST COURSE: To register for classes the first time, complete and submit the on-line registration form from the MBA web page

Select deferred billing if your employer will be reimbursing you for tuition and include course number and title.

After you submit your registration you will receive a confirmation email from our office within 2 business days and, if you do not already have one, the IT department will issue you an LVC account (username and password).  IT information will be mailed to you about a week after you register.

ON-LINE REGISTRATION: Registering on-line will allow you to see what courses have space and add or drop the class immediately or wait list for it.  We will then be able to easily manage course enrollments and wait lists based on student needs and registration time. If you want a class, but it is full, you may select the option to wait list.  We will evaluate whether you can be added to the class or whether we need to add another section. 

You still have the option to register from the MBA web page using the online form that submits directly to our office at

Registration will remain open until the day before each class begins.  If it is the day the class is starting, or later, you will need to contact our office 867-6315 or use the form on the web page to add or drop a class. 

Watch a demonstration of the online registration process at


You can access the online registration tool by logging into Access LVC through the MyLVC webpage. (Go to www.lvc.edu and click on the oval MyLVC button, then select the “A” for Access LVC.)


You will always need to choose non-term when selecting the term to search or register for classes.  For example, Spring 2011 non-term.  This is because the MBA classes fall outside the regular semester dates.
Review the “Check Registration Eligibility” screen from Access LVC to check your registration start time. You may register anytime start time after the start time. Please be sure to click on the submit button at the end of your selections.  You can also check for any possible registration restrictions, such as Business Office holds. 

You will be able to add or drop courses using the on-line registration tool up until the day before the class is scheduled to start.  After that, you will need to use the form on our web page www.lvc.edu/mba/register.aspx  or call our office at 717-867-6213. 
Using the online registration tool, you may wait list for a course that is full.  If you wait list, you should still register for an alternate course.  If you eventually get into the course for which you wait listed, we will contact you.  At that point, you will decide which course you want to keep. 

Make sure you click on submit so that your registration is processed. 

You can confirm your registration by checking your schedule in Access LVC.  This feature is useful whether you have registered through the online tool or by submitting the online form.

If you are unable to log in to MyLVC or Access LVC, please contact the IT Help Desk at 717-867-6072 or at
helpdesk@lvc.eduThe MBA office is unable to access login and password information for LVC student IT accounts - this must be handled directly through the IT Services office.

If you cannot register during your assigned time, fill out the form on the MBA web page.  You may do this ahead of your registration time, and we will register you at your assigned time.


To confirm your course registration and class location log into MyLVC , select Access LVC and go to “Check my schedule”. Review this prior to the course start for room or time changes. 

The tentative schedule for the next semester is available at www.lvc.edu/mba, "Schedule".  

Instructors may provide a copy of the syllabus either through LVC email or on blackboard a few days prior to the start of class.



To view textbook information and to order texts please visit the college store website at http://lvc.bncollege.com.  Books are available in a variety of formats (new, used, ebooks, downloads, etc.) and arrangements can be made to have your books shipped to you or available for pick up at the college store. 

The store is located on the main level of The Mund Student Center.  (Campus Map -
http://www.lvc.edu/about-lvc/campus-map.aspx)  The store hours are posted on the store website and vary depending on the semester.  You can contact the store at 717-867-6313. 

To view and order textbooks online:
      1. Visit the main LVC webpage at
      2. Select About LVC in the upper left
      3. Select the College Store link   

      4. Select the textbook link
      5. Enter your course information to view your text information and options 


An LVC ID is not needed to access the campus or academic buildings; however, if you would like one for the library or events, they are available through the IT Services Office.  You can call IT services to make an appointment 717-867-6072.



Parking and Vehicle Registration is managed by the Office of Public Safety.  The Public Safety office is located at 148 N. College Avenue, phone 717-867-6111.

You can find information about parking availability and regulations at

VEHICLE REGISTRATION: You can register your car(s) and get a parking sticker and parking map from Public Safety. There is no charge for MBA students, but parking stickers must be renewed each year.

You can stop by the Public Safety office to register or you can register through Access LVC.

To register or vehicle through Access LVC:
      1. Log on to your MyLVC account 
      2. Under Academic Resources click on the link to Access LVC 
      3. On the Access LVC page, click Access LVC for students and click the link for Vehicle Registration 
If you are registering a vehicle for the first time
      1. Click the box next to “Click here to add a new vehicle registration” and submit
      2. On the page that opens, fill in your vehicles information and once finished click submit.
      3. A new page will open confirming that your registration is complete and instruct you to

pick up your decal at the Public Safety office.


If you are re-registering an expired vehicle registration: 
      1. Click on the box next to the car that you want to re-register 
      2. On the page that opens, review your vehicles information and once finished click submit.
      3. A new page will open confirming that your registration is complete and instruct you to

pick up your decal at the Public Safety office.



THE BISHOP LIBRARY: http://www.lvc.edu/library/index.aspxLibrary orientations for MBA students are held at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters (August and January).  Watch for information in the mail.  Students may also schedule individual sessions with a member of the library staff to review the use of the on-line databases. 

For additional research help, students can use the “Ask a Librarian” feature using either the instant chat feature or email response.
MBA students can easily research business related topics by visiting the LibGuide being created by our library staff just for MBA students go to

For healthcare topics, try the Health Policy Reference Center in the data bases.  This is an EBSCO data base that includes many full text articles.

THE ARNOLD SPORTS CENTER: Part-time students may use the Arnold Sports Center by paying a part-time student fee of$50 per semester.  You must have an LVC-ID (available from Public Safety).  Show this at the sports center desk, and pay the $50 fee.

www.lvc.edu/writing-center/index.aspx. The Writing Center can help you with writing assignments.  Evening hours are available Thursday through Sunday 6-9pm.  No appointment necessary.  For an appointment during off hours please call 867-6970 or e-mail wcenter@lvc.edu.

http://lvc.bncollege.com.  Lebanon Valley College is in partnership to with Barnes and Noble to offer our students the best textbook service.  Textbooks are available in a variety of formats and can be easily viewed online by course.  The store also offers a large selection of LVC merchandise including apparel, gifts, bags and supplies, as well as tech gadgets. 

www.lvc.edu/dining-services/intermetzo.aspx. The Intermetzo Cafe is located in the center of the Lynch Building.  The cafe offers a variety of fresh brewed coffee selections and grab-and-go food items.  The Intermetzo Cafe has evening hours during the fall and spring semesters. 


MBA ON LINKED IN: All MBA students and alumni are invited to join the Lebanon Valley College Professional Network on LinkedIn.





The MBA Program observes the following holidays:
New Year’s Day
Martin Luther King Day
Holy Thursday (evening before Good Friday)
Good Friday
Memorial Day
4th of July Holiday
Labor Day
The evening before Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Day
Black Friday
Christmas Day

Lebanon Valley College is closed the week between Christmas and New Year's Day.  Any additional days the campus is closed would be listed on the Academic Calendar.

The MBA Program does not have a spring or fall break. 


Students are required to have achieved at least a 3.0 cumulative average.   Transcripts carrying an F or more than two "C's" will qualify for the degree.


GRADUATION PLANS: Graduation Plan forms MUST be submitted to our office prior to graduation.  Graduation plans are generally due 2 semesters before the intended final semester (for example: a May 2016 graduate would submit their plan during the summer 2015 semester).  Graduation forms are available on the Registrar’s web page.

COMMENCEMENT CEREMONY: LVC holds one graduation ceremony per year in May.  All graduates at the undergraduate and graduate level are invited, and encouraged, to participate. In addition to students finishing in May, students the completed the program in the preceding December or will complete by the following August may walk in the May ceremony.

Information will be posted on the College website and mailed to graduating students.  Graduation events are managed by the registrar's office.


DECEMBER GRADUATION: Due to the high number of December graduates at the undergraduate and graduate level, LVC holds a celebration brunch for December graduates.  Information is sent to those eligible with the date of the event (December).  Those participating in the brunch are also eligible to walk in the May ceremony.