Faculty Position in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Lebanon Valley College

We invite applications for a tenure-track position beginning August 2013 at the assistant professor level. The job advertisement, as posted on mathjobs.org, is copied at the bottom of this document.

Department mission

The Department of Mathematical Sciences is dedicated to the ideals of liberal education. We strive to develop in our students enduring fundamental abilities of effective lifelong learning: precise reading, sound reasoning, and clear communication. More than any particular facts or theories, we emphasize that language, logic and understanding are the heart and true power of mathematics. These principles guide the design and implementation of general education and service courses as well as the curricula for our majors.

Working in the Department

We consistently have close to 100 students majoring in actuarial science, computer science, and mathematics. In a school of 1600 students, that's over six times the national average for percentage of students majoring in mathematical sciences. Our students are successful, as measured by what they accomplish after they leave LVC. Most of our students go directly to work, and some go to graduate school. Our job placement is essentially 100%, and students report a high level of career satisfaction. We attribute that success to our rigorous programs in which we hold high standards for our students and ourselves. Our students work hard because we work hard.

We spend a lot of time with our students. Our suite is designed with study space and a computer lab adjacent to our offices, and we keep our doors open to encourage students to drop in with questions.

Each of the seven department faculty members holds a PhD in mathematics. Three of us are recent additions to the department, and the rest each have over 12 years of experience at LVC.

Outside of the classroom, we advise students, pursue a variety of scholarly activities, take students to talks or competitions in the area, and participate in the leadership and service of the college. First year faculty are exempt from service duties so that they can focus on teaching and scholarship.

See the "About LVC" web page for information about Lebanon Valley College and the town of Annville.

Job Advertisement (as posted on mathjobs.org)

The Department of Mathematical Sciences at Lebanon Valley College invites applications for a tenure-track position beginning August 2013 at the assistant professor level. Candidates should possess a PhD in a mathematical science by that time. Responsibilities include teaching four 3-credit courses per semester, continuing scholarly activity (broadly defined) and general participation in the activities of the department and the College.

With more than 100 majors and seven full-time faculty, we are one of the larger departments on campus. We have strong, successful undergraduate programs in mathematics, actuarial science, computer science, and secondary education certification in mathematics. We play a significant role in support of general education, work closely with our students outside the classroom on independent study projects and undergraduate research, and occupy positions of leadership among the College faculty. We encourage you to read more about our department at http://www.lvc.edu/mathematics/hiring.

We seek candidates who are flexible, intellectually omnivorous, and eager to develop breadth and join us in these varied roles. To apply, please submit a cover letter that addresses two questions: why you want to work at a small liberal arts college in general, and why you want to work at LVC in particular.

Please also submit your vita and a teaching statement, and arrange for three letters of reference, at least two of which address your teaching, to be submitted as well. All application materials should be submitted via mathjobs.org. To ensure full consideration of your application, submit all materials by November 26, 2012. We will be conducting interviews at the Joint Meetings in San Diego. EOE