Summer Research in Quantum Information Science

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Mathematical Physics Research Group

Summer 2015 Research in Quantum Information Science

The LVC Mathematical Physics Research Group mentors undergraduate mathematics, computer science and physics majors in intensive summer research projects in quantum information science (QIS). QIS is an interdisciplinary field that studies the manipulation of quantum physical systems to execute computation and communication tasks in ways that promise to significantly outperform today's most powerful computers. The LVC group studies quantum entanglement that gives quantum protocols their enhanced speed and power as well as other topics in QIS.

Our nine-week summer session begins with two weeks of background work to introduce basic vocabulary, tools, and problems of QIS. The next six weeks are devoted to individual research projects that often involve computer experiments. The final week consists of writing up results. All students present their work in poster sessions or short talks at local or national conferences during the following academic year. Some of our students have co-authored papers in research journals. Students receive summer stipend pay, summer room and board (lunch only for commuters), and travel expenses to conferences. [Note: travel funding for academic year 2015-16 depends on grant decisions that will not be available until summer 2015. Travel may therefore be limited to local conferences this year.]

Minimum requirements are an introductory course in linear algebra (MAS 222, usually taken in the spring of the 2nd year), a love of creative problem solving, and a willingness to work hard. Additional study in mathematics, physics, or computer science is desirable, but not required.

If a summer job devoted to learning and research sounds appealing, talk to Dr. Lyons or Dr. Walck.

Important Dates

Application deadline: 16 February 2015
Position offers: 16 March 2014

See our website for a link to the application form.