Visual Style Guide

Visual identity, also known as graphic identity, refers to all the visual elements that comprise an institution’s look. This identity will strengthen only through a consistent use of this visual imagery across all media for all audiences. This guide was developed to ensure that all members of the Lebanon Valley College community have a better understanding of the College’s visual style and to provide a single source for official College imagery and artwork.

College Wordmark
The College Website

College Logo
Online Colors and Type

Dutchman Logo
PowerPoint Presentations

College Seal
Email Communications

Stationery and Fax Cover Sheet 
Social Media

Primary Typefaces
Posters, Signs, Flyers, and Handbook Covers

Print Colors
Athletic Clothing Style Guide

Specialty Printing
LVC Nametags

The information provided in this guide, particularly logos and wordmarks, is available for approved College use only. Students, college organizations, outside organizations, and all commercial entities must receive written permission from the Office of Marketing and Communications before use.

Electronic Downloads

If you have any questions about the College’s Visual Style Guide, please contact one of the members of our staff.