Publications—Process and Guidelines for Print Projects

Please note that due to the large volume of projects produced by our office each year, we recommend project requests are made with a specific due date. For planning purposes, most projects take between six and eight weeks from when text/information is received to final delivery.

  1. Official Request—Submit an official request to Jasmine Bucher ( to begin the planning and publication process. A designer will contact you to schedule a brief concept meeting (if needed), provide a project timeline with deadlines, and set up a Basecamp folder (Basecamp is a cloud-based project management system that will be explained to all new users). 
  2. Production Schedule—The client will receive a production schedule within 7–10 business days of submitting a request. The normal 6–8 week schedule for completion of the project (design, production, and printing) will begin after the concept meeting (if needed) is held. To help ensure a timely delivery of your project, please submit all final text via email in a Word document. 
  3. Process—As determined by the complexity of the project, the client will receive at least two proofs during the process. To help ensure a timely delivery of your project, we recommend that the first proof is shared and approved by all appropriate co-workers and supervisors, including the appropriate vice president if applicable. 

Please contact the department of Marketing & Communications (717-867-6030) if you have any questions.