Photography & Videography Requests

Lebanon Valley College does not employ a staff photographer or videographer. We primarily use external professional photographers. They capture campus images if we have a planned use for the photos in a specific institutional publication, for a specific department’s website, or for a planned e-communication. Priority is provided to admission and advancement communications. You will find the word “resolution” throughout these pages. Resolution refers to the quantity of pixels or dots that can fit into one square inch. This measurement signifies the sharpness and quality of an image.

The Office of Marketing and Communications maintains an extensive library of campus photography housed in our Merlin database. We can assist in selecting the best image(s) for your project. These photos are available for use in College publications, displays, banners, and on the LVC website. In addition, we accept high-resolution digital photographs submitted for consideration within various College communications. 

Questions about requesting photos/videos? Please contact the Office of Marketing & Communications