Electronic Downloads

When downloading wordmarks, logos, and images, please consult the College's Visual Style Guide for proper usage. Please contact the Office of Marketing & Communications for alternate sizes or file types.

College Wordmark & Logos EPS JPG
 Wordmark, Blue

 Wordmark, Black
 Wordmark, White
 LVC Oval Logo, Blue
 LVC Oval Logo, Black

 LVC Oval Logo, White

 LVC Interlocking Logo, Blue

 LVC Interlocking Logo, Black

 LVC Interlocking Logo, White

 LVC Logo & Wordmark, Horizontal, Blue

 LVC Logo & Wordmark Vertical, Blue

 Sustainability Logo, Full Color

 Sustainability Logo, Blue

Flying Dutchmen Wordmark & Logos EPS JPG
 Dutchmen Wordmark, Blue

 Dutchmen Wordmark, Black
 Dutchmen Wordmark, White
 Dutchman Oval Logo, Full Color

 Dutchman Oval Logo, Blue

 Dutchman Oval Logo, Black

 Dutchmen Single Clog, Blue

 Dutchmen Single Clog, Yellow

 Dutchmen Single Clog, Black

 Dutchmen Double Clogs, Blue

 Dutchmen Double Clogs, Yellow

 Dutchmen Double Clogs, Black

 Please contact Marketing & Communications to request logos specific to each sport.

Letterhead & Fax Cover Sheets
 Files for
 Electronic Letterhead Template
 Fax Cover Sheet

Power Point Templates
 Files for
 Lebanon Valley College with Blue Background
 LVC Oval with White & Blue Background

 Social Media & Email Icons
 Files for
 College Website (Dutchmen Icon)
 Consider the Environment (Tree Icon)

 LVC Wallpapers
Academic Quad

LVC in Winter

Miller Chapel

Cherry Blossoms

Go Dutchman!

Fall Quad

LVC Football

Peace Garden