Food Vendors

Bricker's French Fries were served at Valleyfest 2017


Who doesn't love french fries? Bricker’s Famous French Fries is a food concession business whose main objective has been to serve top quality food products since 1965.

Up in Smoke BBQ was served at Valleyfest 2017

Up In Smoke BBQ

If you're up for sweet and sultry BBQ, Up in Smoke is the place to go. From sides to rubs to sauces, they pride themselves in making all of their food from scratch.

Uncle Paul's Pretzels were served at Valleyfest 2017

Uncle Paul's Pretzels

Uncle Paul's puts a unique "twist" on a traditional favorite by taking gourmet soft pretzel dough and stuffing it with delicious meats, cheese, and vegetables. They offer a wide variety of stuffed pretzels to satisfy everyone's taste.

Crazy Corkey's Kettle Corn & Snacks attended Valleyfest 2017

Crazy Corkey’s Kettle Corn & Snacks, LLC

Crazy Corkey's is taking kettle corn popcorn to new heights with bold new flavors and combinations. They put the "crazy" in Kettle Corn!

The Soul Burrito truck attended Valleyfest 2017

Soul Burrito

Soul Burrito is a family owned and operated business that offers bold, bright flavors from around the world and incorporates them into a Burrito. These aren’t your everyday burritos, they are Burritos with a touch of soul!

Vie Vie's attended Valleyfest 2017

Vie Vie's

Vie Vie's offers gourmet Reuben sandwiches...on the run!

The Perk Up Truck served frozen drinks at Valleyfest 2017

The Perk Up Truck

The Perk Up Truck offers fresh fruit smoothies, freshly squeezed juices, espresso and fair trade organic coffee, along with many other drinks.

Lancaster Cupcakes brought unique cupcakes to Valleyfest 2017

Lancaster Cupcake

Lancaster Cupcake, a finalist on the popular show Cupcake Wars, is a local bakery looking to provide happiness to all who enjoy treating themselves with a moist delicious cupcake!

Penny's served ice cream at Valleyfest 2017


Penny's Ice Cream Truck proudly serves Lancaster's favorite local ice cream, Carmen and David's. They offer a variety of flavors and sizes as well as a unique atmosphere that brings people together to enjoy everyone's favorite summer treat...Ice Cream!