Asian Society in Action

(A.S.I.A.)A.S.I.A. is a student organization whose purpose is to promote Asian culture from a national and global perspective. Every year, the organization sponsors a series of films, events, dances, music, food, and other campus activities. The organization also attends a national student conference on Asian culture.


Anime Society

The Anime Society is an organization dedicated to promoting Anime (Japanese animation), which is known throughout the world for both its thematic and technical sophistication. Its primary activity is hosting showings of various Anime series and films for the relaxation and socialization of the campus community.


College Conservatives

Open to all members of the student body, the College Conservatives promote conservative values and encourage interest in the governmental process. Activities include bringing conservative speakers to campus, encouraging values on campus, and participation in the campaigns and elections of various candidates.


College Democrats

Formed to encourage and support the ideals of the Democratic Party, College Democrats is open to any student interested in politics who wants to become involved with party activities. Learn More


Commuter Club

LVC’s Commuter Club was established to better the on-campus experiences of commuting students through activities and events such as trips, parties, fundraisers, and community service activities, as well as the discussion of issues and ideas that are important to commuting students. It is our goal that commuters become better integrated into regular campus life. Membership is open to all students. Members are expected to pay yearly dues and participate in a reasonable amount of fundraising and community service activities. 


Freedom Rings

Freedom Rings is the student organization committed to fostering understanding about issues effecting the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individual. Membership is open to all people committed to this mission, including heterosexual allies.


Hispanic Alliance


Indoor Color Guard

This organization teaches and helps its members to improve color guard skills and hopes to perform at events. All students are welcome to join. Members meet and practice weekly.


Paranormal Club


Student Alumni Association (S.A.A.)

The Student Alumni Association is an on-campus organization designed to bridge the gap between LVC students and alumni. Members learn the importance of being active alumni and strive to establish relationships with alumni for the benefit of all students. S.A.A. members participate in many annual College events including the Latin Series, Founders Day, Oktoberfest, Senior Send-Off, and Alumni Weekend.


Swing Dance Club

The Swing Dance Club is a student-run organization meant to promote interest and educate students in forms of dance from the earlier 1900's, including but not limited to East Coast Swing, Charleston, Collegiate Shag, and Lindy Hop. In addition to the dance steps, members also learn about musicality and visit several of the local dance venues. The SDC holds one social dance per semester open to campus. In the spring, members will organize a charity dance.


The Draft

The Draft is a creative writing group that is interested in creating a community of creative writers and helping members get published. The club hosts poetic and fictional writers on campus.


Vale Music Group

Vale Music Group is an umbrella company consisting of four sub brands: Vale Records, Vale Music Industry Conference, Vale Live, and Vale Publishing. These student run organizations are available to anyone interested in gaining experience in the music industry, marketing, videography, event planning, public relations, music recording, production, finance, sales, and design. Each brand is expansive and gives students the ability to use their talents in multiple different ways in a fast-paced environment. Learn More



ValleyFest is the Lebanon Valley’s annual spring arts festival, hosted by Lebanon Valley College. ValleyFest is almost completely student run and planned, with the process beginning at the start of each academic year. Look for information about the 2013 festival. There is sure to be something for everyone!


Women's Services and Gender Resource Center (WSGRC)