LVC students converse with faculty at a colloquium event


Memory (2016-2017)

We are who we are precisely because we carry with us who we were, and who we wish to be. Memory is central to our identity as a species, and as individuals, cultures and products of institutions. Our memories are not merely thoughts and figures from the past; rather, memories shape and color our present understanding of the world, and even make our understanding possible. Our DNA, physiology, languages, books, laws, monuments, and technologies are not merely repositories, but active means through which the past arises in the present and shapes our future possibilities. Have we truly measured the value of memory in all its aspects? What is the cost when memory—individual, social, cultural, and technological—is lost or irrevocably transformed?


Dr. Jason Hill

Christoper Tabone 

Lea Gilmore

Renée E. D' Aoust

Gabriela McEvoy

H. Peter Steeves

Sophie Egan



Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (2010)


Local Meets Global (2015-2016) 

How do we understand our place in the world? What does it mean to stand in any one locale and yet simultaneously think and act in a global context? To be singular and yet part of a larger whole? The local meets the global when we think beyond place, beyond boundaries, beyond limits. The local meets the global not in some unnamed borderland or frontier, but in attitudes and ideologies, in cultures and media, in production and consumption, in ways of life and symbolic systems. These encounters can be defined by exchange and synthesis, but also by transgression and invasion. They provoke resistance, inspire transformation, shape and form our notions of community and self. When the local meets the global, both are transformed. The goal of the 2015-16 Colloquium Series is to encourage these encounters, to test and reshape their limits, to challenge us all to become world-ready local actors and global citizens.


Dr. Krishnendu Ray 

MK Asante 

Jean-Marc Hachey 

Gaetano Chiurazzi 

Peterson Toscano 

Dr. Anna Arabindan-Kesson 

Brad Peterson 

Dr. Melissa Fuster 



Waste Land (2010) 


Gender Series (2014-2015) 

Gender actively and passively shapes our shared destinies. More than an idea, its practice and performance unfold within the constellations of biology and culture, bodies and institutions. In the face of powerful social conventions and the culturally constructed binaries of "male" and "female," "masculine" and "feminine," the complexities of gender challenge us to think beyond the genus, to reach beyond the type and category, and to step into the spectrum of being and becoming.


Jessica Valenti 

Natalie Panek 

Debra Chasnoff 

Dr. Michael Kimmel 

Ann Hirsch 



Miss Representation (2011) 

Drag (2012) 

The Invisible War (2012) 

Straightlaced: How Gender Got Us All Tied Up (2009) 

Maria Full of Grave (2004) 

Boys Don't Cry (1999) 

Codebreaker (2001) 

Raise the Red Lantern (1991) 

Band of Sisters (2012) 

Early + Avant-Garde LIVE! Cinema LIVE! SoundArt Dance Poetry Song 

Radical Harmonies (2002) 


Revolution Series (2013-2014) 

Revolution is a year-long integrated series of guest speakers, performances, exhibitions, films, and academic courses that will consider the ideas of revolution and evolution as competing yet interdependent ways to describe the changes that surround and shape human life. 


Gordon S. Wood 

Manfred Mohr 

Barbara Gottschalk 

Cypress String Quartet 

Graham Harman 

John McNeill 

Scott Barton 



I AM (2011) 

Green Fire (2011) 

The Battle of Algiers (1966) 

Persepolis (2007) 

Malcom X (1992) 

Modern Times (1936) 

Bananas (1971) 

Something in the Air (2012) 

Waltz with Bershir (2008) 

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry (2012) 

Occupy: The Movie (2013) 

Metropolis (1927) 


Happiness Series (2012-2013) 


Nancy Etcoff 

Eric G. Wilson 

Robert Shatterly 

Food & Wine, Sex & Death 

Michael I. Norton 

Tom Corbett 



Proceed & Be Bold 

Jiro Dreams of Sushi 

You Can't Take It With You 

Life is Beautiful 


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 

Happiness Is 

Eat Drink Man Woman 

Rebuilding Hope 


Money Series (2011-2012) 


How the 1% Won 

Joshua Fairfield 

Dr. George DeMartino 

John Peters 



Inside Job 

The Counterfeiters 

Life and Debt 

Blood Diamond 

Rebuilding Hope 

Wall Street 


Health Series (2010-2011) 


Dr. Antwi Akom 

Dr. Alan Kraut 

Reiki Demonstration 

Amber Madison 

Anna Arroyo 




The Snake Pit