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2017-2018 Theme: Desire  

Human beings are conceived from desire, awaken to consciousness by expressing desire, and – except for those few who purposefully transcend its incessant upwelling – never live a day without feeling or knowing desire.  Few would disagree that the experience of desire is fundamental to everything that makes us human.  This year’s College Colloquium Series grapples with the theme of desire – for happiness and fulfillment, for love and connection, for health and money and material goods, for spiritual sustenance, and for the myriad other things that human beings tend to want and crave and covet and seek, or, that they tend to reject as unduly restrictive on the unfettered pursuit of their desires.  Through a series of visiting speakers, films, workshops, curricular and co-curricular activities, and more, the campus community is invited to critically engage with this most elusive and ubiquitous aspect of the human condition.




The mission of the LVC Colloquium is threefold: (1) to provide students with the opportunity for a unifying intellectual experience that cuts across disciplinary and departmental boundaries by devoting a year's programming to a sustained treatment of a subject, theme, or problem through conversations, lectures, roundtables, films, and integrated course materials; (2) to encourage the open and informed exchange of ideas within the College and the local community by bringing in leading thinkers, authors, scientists, and policy makers; and (3) to introduce students and faculty to important figures within their respective fields of study and expertise by inviting guest speakers to relevant classes, and/or hosting dinners or receptions so that students and faculty have the opportunity for more informal and intimate exchanges.

For additional information about the College Colloquium Series, view a short video here.